SoftBank and TenX Healthcare Announce Collaboration to Promote Practical Healthcare Innovations

Innovative healthcare technology company TenX Healthcare has announced a new collaborative partnership with SoftBank Telecom America, the mobile and IT service division of the Japanese firm. The goal of this alliance is to accelerate and expand the introduction of new healthcare technological innovations focused on predictive analytics, robotics, data visualization, IoT and AI.

This announcement comes as TenX introduces its next-generation patient flow solution to the market. Known as Hawthorne PeriOp, the platform utilizes real-time data, advanced analytics and behavioral science to boost perioperative efficiency and enhance patient and staff satisfaction. The wider launch of Hawthorne PeriOp follows an extremely successful trial at Cleveland Clinic Florida. Using Hawthorne PeriOp, the world-class transplant and surgery center saw improvement across all key metrics, such as OR turnover times, wait times for both patients and clinicians and operating costs.

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The characteristics underpinning Hawthorne PeriOp's success include the real-time data it sources from low-cost single-use sensors as well as the behavior analytics it relies on. Combined, these two features are designed to allow clinical teams clear, bias-free perspectives that can forge patient trust and reduce the stress inherent with excessive downtime and resulting patient frustration.

Hawthorne PeriOp is an expansion of TenX's existing Hawthorne system. This patient flow management tool is designed to allow clinicians and hospitals to meet four goals: observation of real-time data, the ability to act to remedy bottlenecks, the chance to engage and create powerful knowledge databases, and the critical need to analyze data and historical trends in order to improve strategic decisions. For their part, SoftBank has a long history of partnering with innovative companies, including GE Healthcare, GE Software, Yahoo Japan and SB Power Corp.

As TenX Healthcare's chairman Leland "Lee" Pillsbury noted, "Working with SoftBank and its portfolio companies, TenX can now expand into a wider range of exciting applications." Pillsbury also pointed out that the opportunity to enhance their new Hawthorne PeriOp system with additional capabilities is particularly exciting to both companies. The collaboration was announced in mid-October; no specific project plans have been made public as of yet.