Voice Analysis AI for Mental Health

A new mental health-focused partnership between Ellipsis Health and Ceras Health aims at empowering real-time severity scores of anxiety and depression in an effort to support patient care. Ellipsis, a large presence in AI-powered human voice biomarker tech, will integrate its processes into the Ceras’ clinical monitoring platform. The hope is to carve out an entirely new, clinically validated vital sign for mental health.

As it stands, the U.S. population’s mental health woes are practically at their peak. Some 28% of individuals suffer from depression, around 36% experience anxiety, and more than 40% reported mental disorders in the last year alone—a figure that has doubled since 2019. Approximately 55% of people with mental illnesses cannot access proper treatment, according to The National Alliance on Mental Health. Making matters worse, professional help is in increasingly short supply, with a shortage of up to 30,000 psychiatrists expected by 2024.

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Ellipsis and Ceras have pledged to improve access to mental health treatment for over 18 million Medicare patients living with associated conditions. "This new partnership will advance the state of mental health care, enabling Ellipsis Health to put its cutting-edge voice technology to work—identifying people in need and then connecting them into integrated behavioral health services," said Mainul Mondal, Ellipsis Health’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer.