Vigilant Ops Stresses Need for SBOMs in Healthcare Cybersecurity

In anticipation of the Biden Administration's cybersecurity standards, Vigilant Ops, a prominent provider of Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) lifecycle management solutions, underscores the significance of software security in the healthcare sector. SBOMs are expected to be instrumental in forthcoming mandates, as per Vigilant Ops. Ken Zalevsky, CEO of Vigilant Ops, highlighted the urgency, stating, "The $1.6 billion February cyberattack on Change Healthcare highlights why waiting to implement new cyber protections is no longer an option.” Healthcare organizations must address the vulnerabilities in their networks that enable hackers to gain access. This process commences with the software that powers healthcare monitors, diagnostic devices, laptops, iPads, and all other connected devices.

The increased reliance on interconnected systems and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices in hospitals has increased the potential for cyberattacks, necessitating the implementation of comprehensive cybersecurity measures to protect patient data and safety. Zalevsky argues that healthcare institutions are susceptible to cyberattacks if a cybersecurity standard does not include SBOM deployment for all software products. Vigilant Ops' SBOM lifecycle management solution helps hospitals centralize SBOMs, automatically identify vulnerabilities, and comply with industry standards. This method enables healthcare providers to effectively manage the security of their software, thereby reducing the risk of intrusions. Vigilant Ops has rapidly established itself as a leader in SBOM lifecycle management, offering healthcare organizations indispensable tools to improve their cybersecurity.

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