Zocdoc Expands Its Marketplace with Urgent Care Centers

Zocdoc, the New York City-based healthcare platform, continues to expand its services by adding urgent care centers to its marketplace. The company's mission to make quality healthcare accessible to all has led to significant growth in the number of urgent care facilities and bookings through its platform.

The company has seen a huge rise in the number of new urgent care centers that are listed on its website. Every month, these facilities have grown by an average of nearly 40%, which shows that more people need rapid medical care. Also, bookings for urgent care have grown by an amazing 80% from one month to the next, which shows how convenient and popular Zocdoc's services are.

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With this expansion, Zocdoc now offers patients the ability to find and book urgent care appointments in 22 states, spanning over 200 facilities. This development provides individuals with an extensive network of in-network providers, ensuring they can access the care they need promptly, whether for in-person or virtual visits.

Healthcare providers pay a fee for each new customer booking made through Zocdoc's platform in order to be part of the marketplace. This business model not only benefits providers by connecting them with a broader patient base but also allows Zocdoc to sustain its operations and continuously improve its services.

This integration of urgent care services aligns with Zocdoc's overarching goal of facilitating a seamless healthcare experience. This new change comes after Zocdoc added Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) to its marketplace earlier this year.

By adding these centers to support Medicare and Medicaid patients, Zocdoc has shown its commitment to diversity and serving a wide range of patient populations.

The company's collaboration with Zaya Care, a maternal health company, further highlights its efforts to expand its range of services, specifically in pregnancy and postpartum care.

Zocdoc's commitment to inclusivity and partnerships with other healthcare organizations highlight its dedication to improving the overall patient experience.