You Can Spray That Again: Pfizer’s Migraine-Fighting Zavzpret Nasal Spray Earns FDA Nod

Those dealing with the constant peril of suffering chronic migraines will have a new method of relief in the form of a convenient nasal spray. Thanks to a fresh stamp of approval from the Food and Drug Administration, Pfizer’s calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) receptor antagonist spray, Zavzpret, will soon be available for treating migraines in adults. The company estimates that migraine sufferers will have access to the spray through a doctor’s prescription around July of this year.

The FDA nod follows a pair of randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies, as noted by Pfizer in its press release making the approval public. In these studies, the medication proved to be able to reduce migraine pain in as soon as 15 minutes, permitting users to resume their normal activity level within a half-hour timeframe. Pfizer also claims that, within just two hours, the spray can eliminate moderate to severe headache pain altogether, with the effect lasting for up to two whole days.

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“The FDA approval of Zavzpret marks a significant breakthrough for people with migraine who need freedom from pain and prefer alternative options to oral medications,” said the President of Pfizer’s global biopharmaceuticals business in New York City, Angela Hwang. “Zavzpret underscores Pfizer’s commitment to delivering an additional treatment option to help people with migraine gain relief and get back to their daily lives.”