Women’s Health Features Arrive For Apple Watch

Specific features for women’s health considerations have been added to the latest iteration of the Apple Watch. The mid-September release of the Series 8 and updated Apple Watch SE have incorporated a retooled workout app, sleep cycle monitor, and a new feature for atrial fibrillation history metrics. The women’s health-focused additions, however, bring multifaceted diagnostic implements to the wearables market and might position Apple as the go-to for a gender-targeted everyday medical device.

The new two-senor body temperature trackers, built into the back of the watch as well as underneath its face, sample body temperature at five second intervals, noticing fluctuations of up to 0.1 degrees Celsius. As temperature rises during ovulation, this gives women a chance to predict their cycle, and the watch can also give notifications on when ovulation last occurred—a huge benefit for family planning. Moreover, it can gauge deviations for typical menstrual cycles, with the watch sending notifications upon notable irregularity.

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Possible health issues can be dealt with as soon as possible through the Apple Watch’s tracking for women’s menstrual cycles. The myriad potential problems with period inconsistency can be chalked up to usual fluctuation in life such as stress, change in weight, and other disruptions, but can also indicate serious matters like uterine polyps, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, or polycystic ovary syndrome. The new women-focused toolkit added to the watch will help doctors as well as patients stay appraised and well ahead of health-related snags.