WebMD Ignite: Sparks Fly with New All-Solutions Brand from WebMD

WebMD, a leading provider of health information services and often the first tool consumers turn to for online diagnostic advice, has introduced a new brand called WebMD Ignite. Its arrival marks the culmination of a strategic acquisition plan that brought a handful of top healthcare companies into the fold, including WebMD Provider Services, Krames, Mercury Healthcare, and The Wellness Network.

The goal is to offer a full range of healthcare solutions for jump starting organizations' engagement efforts as well as boosting growth across all stages, from discovery to recovery, of the healthcare journey. These solutions cover marketing, clinical situations, platforming, and analytics, and identify for growth optimization and personalization at scale.

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WebMD Ignite’s new brand logo features a glowing orange flame of ignition known as “The Burst,” and its dynamic presence is indicative of the WebMD ethos of prizing data and engagement solutions to cater to diverse consumer groups.

"We have created something truly unique in the healthcare ecosystem," said the company’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of Health, Ann Bilyew. "As one holistic organization, we have the exclusive ability to inform every decision point along a patient's unique journey, motivating action and inspiring positive behavior. WebMD Ignite will create seamless health experiences that engage individuals, optimize outcomes, foster deeper loyalty from consumers and healthcare providers, and build lifetime value for our clients.”