WebMD Health Services Partners with Verily’s Onduo for Chronic Care Management

WebMD Health Services and Verily's Onduo have announced a partnership aimed at enhancing chronic care management for individuals with conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and prediabetes. By integrating Onduo's virtual care solution into WebMD ONE, users will gain access to comprehensive support from a multidisciplinary care team comprising health coaches, educators, dietitians, pharmacists, and telemedicine physicians. This collaboration signifies a significant advancement in employee well-being, offering a holistic, technology-driven approach to managing chronic conditions effectively.

The partnership builds on Onduo's success in improving glycemic control and comorbidity biomarkers, as demonstrated in a peer-reviewed study for type 2 diabetes. With a focus on real-time data insights and personalized support, Onduo aims to empower individuals to proactively manage their health and well-being. WebMD's expansion beyond traditional health coaching to include telemedicine and device access underscores a commitment to addressing the daily challenges faced by those managing chronic conditions. Together, the collaboration aims to provide individuals with the tools and resources needed to make informed health decisions and lead healthier lives.

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