WebMD Expands Offerings With StayWell Acquisition

Since 1996, WebMD has set out to become the leading online resource for health information for consumers, physicians, and healthcare workers. The firm recently announced its purchase of The StayWell Company from the pharmaceutical company Merck, although the financial terms were not disclosed.

The health firm operates the StayWell employee well-being platform and the Krames clinical patient education platform that collectively support over 4 million employees, 1,500 health systems and hospitals, and 80 percent of the largest health payers in the US. The deal gives WebMD and StayWell the combined reach to provide well-being and engagement tools to more people than ever before. With more than 60 years of experience between StayWell and WebMD, the merger will drive constructive, evidence-based behavior changes in healthy living for patients and employees.

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“StayWell and WebMD both focus on developing health education and employee well-being programs that engage and empower individuals wherever they may be in their personal health journey. We are confident that the combination will bring even greater value to the businesses, governments, healthcare providers, payers, and associations that we serve,” said Nicole Latimer, StayWell’s CEO.

The global health and wellness market is currently valued at $4.2 trillion and is only growing. With the advent of AI technology, wearable technologies, and online health platforms, more people are taking an active role in improving their health, which offers invaluable opportunities to invest in these growing trends. “Employers continue to see strong outcomes and positive return from investments into employee wellness programs, with increases in productivity, strong engagement, and a positive company culture,” said Mitch Collier, senior vice president of product management for StayWell.

The Pennsylvania-based StayWell will continue to operate as an independent subsidiary out of its Yardley headquarters. The health company was founded in 1978 with the mission to engage patients and educate them on how to live their healthiest lives. StayWell’s portfolio of products merges the firm’s expertise in healthy living with the latest in behavioral science. Their personalized programs prove effective for patient engagement and deliver outcomes across even the most challenging populations. The firm has been recognized for its work with population health programs, including the C. Everett Koop National Health Award and the Web Health Award. It’s also received the Utilization Review Accreditation Committee (URAC), and the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) accreditation for many of its programs.

WebMD has dedicated itself to providing trustworthy medical information, building communities, and acting as an exhaustive health resource for everybody. The company has created additional solutions such as private online portals, mobile platforms, and health-centered publications to serve the needs of physicians, employers, and health plans. The WebMD Health Network includes WebMD Health, Medscape, Jobson Healthcare Information, prIME Oncology, MediQuality, Frontline, Vitals Consumer Services, Aptus Health, MedicineNet, eMedicineHealth, RxList, OnHealth, Medscape Education, and other related sites.