Verizon Business Unveils Innovative Healthcare Solutions at ViVE 2024

Verizon Business unveiled its cutting-edge healthcare solutions at ViVE 2024 in Los Angeles, spotlighting the transformative potential of 5G technology and reliable connectivity in elevating patient care. With persistent challenges like staffing shortages and technology adoption gaps in mind, the telecom giant aims to drive investment in technology for enhanced patient care, digital inclusion, and robust data security in 2024.

Scott Lawrence, Senior Vice President Global Solutions at Verizon Business, expressed the company's commitment to overcoming the digital divide in healthcare, emphasizing the role of reliable connectivity and collaborative solutions. The ViVE showcase at booth #1510 featured hands-on demonstrations and discussions, offering insights into solutions designed to boost operational efficiency, workflow automation, and decentralized care. Verizon's comprehensive approach includes leveraging 5G for the connected hospital of the future, promoting workflow automation, and expanding decentralized care to rural facilities and home healthcare settings. The presentation on February 28th, featuring Gary Lynch and partner Ashish Atreja from UC Davis Health, delved into the Digital Inclusion Program, addressing technology and healthcare access gaps in underserved populations. Verizon's proactive role at ViVE aligns with its commitment to advancing healthcare through tailored solutions that bridge gaps and enhance the overall patient experience.

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