Ultrahuman Secures $35 Million Funding to Expand Health Monitoring Products

Ultrahuman, a Bangalore-based wearable tech company, has announced securing $35 million in Series B funding to bolster growth and innovation in the health monitoring sector. The company, known for its diverse range of products including a habit-tracking ring and continuous glucose monitor (CGM), aims to utilize the investment to expand its manufacturing capabilities and further research in health monitoring technologies. With plans to surpass $100 million in annualized revenue run rate by the end of the year, Ultrahuman is poised to solidify its position in the burgeoning smart rings market.

In a landscape where metabolic health is gaining prominence and the FDA recently cleared the first over-the-counter CGM, Ultrahuman stands out with its integrated health ecosystem. Offering a comprehensive platform that gathers a multitude of biomarkers, Ultrahuman aims to provide users with a holistic view of their health, transcending the boundaries of traditional smart rings. As the company prepares to launch its upcoming 'Home' device, designed to optimize living spaces by monitoring various health-related indicators, Ultrahuman positions itself at the forefront of the evolving wellness real estate market, aligning with industry forecasts for 2024.

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