Type-2 Diabetes Reversal Through AI-Powered Digital Twin Technology

According to new research, the AI platform Whole Body Twin from precision healthcare company Twin Health has the potential to help reverse type-2 diabetes. Leveraging the power of both AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) with convenient health tracking devices such as fitness watches and glucose monitors, Twin Health’s system aggregates thousands of digital data points in a single day. When these are integrated with standard medical information, which is typically derived from questionnaire results and blood tests, an individual’s “Whole Body Twin” is created. Said twin is the perfect means for analysis of metabolic trouble spots, and the company’s AI keeps track of progress over time after issuing pertinent health alerts.

A randomized controlled trial of the tech was conducted on individuals with type-2 diabetes, with results elucidated at the 82nd ADA Scientific Sessions in New Orleans, Louisiana by lead researcher Paramesh Shamanna of the Bangalore Diabetes Centre in India. The trial included 319 patients with an average age of 45; either the Twin Precision Treatment (TPT) or standard care were made available to them for just under 6 months. In the TPT group, around 95% reached an average glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) of less than 6.5% in that period of time, showing strong improvement from a baseline average of 9% without need for medications. The control group, however, had their HbA1c drop by only 0.4%.

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Based on the ADA’s criteria on true remission from type-2 diabetes, 84% of the TPT-accessible group had achieved reversal at the 180-day mark. The study’s authors believe that despite the remarkable results, additional research and more involved studies will be necessary to determine if the digital intervention’s benefits can demonstrate clear consistency.