Tuttnauer Partners with Check Point for Advanced Medical Device Cybersecurity

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., a renowned provider of AI-powered cybersecurity solutions, has collaborated with Tuttnauer, a global leader in sterilization and infection control equipment, to enhance the security of Tuttnauer's medical devices. Tuttnauer's T-Connect software, utilized in medical and laboratory sterilization devices, now integrates the Check Point Quantum IoT Nano Agent for embedded protection, safeguarding against evolving cyber threats and ensuring end-to-end security for patient data and device integrity.

Tuttnauer, known for its innovation and excellence in medical manufacturing, offers advanced autoclave devices equipped with intelligent capabilities. With over 350,000 installations across 140 countries, Tuttnauer's devices play a vital role in healthcare facilities, supporting rapid and automated sterilization cycles. However, the increased connectivity of these devices poses cybersecurity challenges, prompting Tuttnauer to enhance its devices with Check Point's advanced security solution. This collaboration not only strengthens Tuttnauer's commitment to top-notch security standards but also ensures compliance with global regulations, reinforcing trust in the healthcare industry.

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