Truveta Makes Strides Toward Health Data Optimization Goals

Health data company Truveta is upping its contributions to research efforts by embarking on a long-term quest to collect privacy-safe medical data from U.S. health systems at regular intervals. The startup has made significant progress in this undertaking so far with its product line, and was recently able to raise $100 million—making for a capital purse of approximately $200 million in total. Money matters and an impressive assortment of business partnerships aside, Truveta's foray into external-party platform support is what's turning heads.

To date, the startup has collaborated with about 20 medical providers in aggregating de-identified data into its collection, all from a wide-ranging patient base spread across 42 states. It has leveraged this data to construct a powerful software service that acts as a Q&A facilitator for medical researchers and other users in the public health domain. Those engaging with the platform can filter specific elements in or out of their population health queries, and even set up a dashboard that automatically updates desired data with real-time changes.

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Truveta, which Chief Executive Officer Terry Myerson says currently tracks 16% of all clinical care in the country, is offering something that the struggling, sluggish U.S. healthcare system desperately needs. By making data more open and clear, and giving researchers a fair shake at making the most of critical medical data, the vaunted "medical portrait of America" at the heart of the company's mission may come to fruition in the nick of time.