Trial Accelerator From Data Analytics Firm Phesi Cuts Costs, Accelerates Product Development

Patient-focused data analytics company Phesi has launched a new, integrated SaaS solution meant to accelerate product development lifecycles by leveraging study and control arm data for clinical development personnel. The AI-fueled Trial Accelerator Platform (TAP), derived from methodology and AI models validated by 15 years’ worth of the company’s work, aggregates real-world data from more than 60 million patients and nearly 500,000 clinical trial records.

The platform will facilitate real-time scenario modeling spanning patient, endpoint, country, KOL, and investigator site allocation. By making trials quicker and cheaper, as well as reducing pesky protocol amendments, trial sponsors have the potential to save as much as $7 million per phase-3 clinical study. That shakes out to savings of roughly $500,000 per protocol amendment and $1.5 million for each trial. Time is also to be saved; the platform affords an avoidance of amendments that totals to a 5.2-month reduction in cumulative implementation time for typical protocol amendments. Overall patient centricity in trials is a topline feature of the TAP, and by implementing digital twins and digital control arms to create digitized patient profiles, comprehension of patient anatomy and trial categorization is greatly improved.

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“We can eradicate the reliance on ‘gut feel’ or past experience that defines much decision making in clinical development today," said Jonathan Peachey, Phesi’s Chief Operating Officer. “Phesi makes sure companies learn from the past by simulating the future, by delivering simulated clinical trial outcomes with AI-powered patient-centric data science.”