Tri-Tech Forensics Acquires SAM Medical, Bolstering Emergency Medical Product Line

Tri-Tech Forensics, Inc. has completed the acquisition of SAM Medical, a renowned provider of innovative medical devices and trauma care solutions, including tourniquets, hemostatics, and splints. This acquisition expands Tri-Tech's portfolio of emergency medical products, strengthening its position in the emergency medical market following its recent acquisition of Hartwell Medical. Founded by Dr. Sam and Cherrie Scheinberg, SAM Medical has a rich history of pioneering products for trauma management, notably the SAM Splint, SAM XT Extremity Tourniquet, and SAM IO Intraosseous Access System.

SAM Medical, headquartered in Oregon, has been a key player in the emergency medical industry for over 40 years, with its products trusted globally by caregivers in various settings, from emergency medical services to sports medicine specialists. Tri-Tech Forensics, known for its expertise in providing emergency medical supplies and human identification solutions, is committed to preserving SAM Medical's unique culture and autonomy while supporting its continued growth and innovation. The acquisition signals a strategic alignment of values between the two companies, with a shared dedication to improving patient outcomes in emergency care.

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