Translational Software Goes All-in With Allscripts

Translational Software (TS) has recently announced an exciting new partnership with Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, a provider of practice management and EHR software. As part of the deal, Translational will provide all US-based Allscripts customers with free pharmacogenomic testing. By reducing a clinician’s need for trial-and-error prescribing when uncertain about drug dosage and efficacy, the personalized recommendations the software provides improve medication compliance, effectiveness and patient wellness.

The company has also partnered with PWN Health, a New York-based telehealth provider, and 2BPrecise, a Translational Software subsidiary, to offer an automated, cross-functional pharmacogenomic healthcare benefit program. In essence, the TS-built portal will connect associates who want to place an order for a particular test with the infrastructure necessary to make the process secure and seamless.

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Once received, PWN approves the order and mails out the appropriate testing kit back to the associate. The kit is sent back to PWM who routes it to the appropriate lab selected by Allscripts. Once the test is conducted, the results are posted in the TS portal which can then be accessed by the associate. Counselling on test result interpretation are available via telehealth to the associate, if needed.

“Allscripts and 2bPrecise are forging a new path in the pharmacogenomic industry by offering a comprehensive, end-to-end testing program to Allscripts U.S.-based associates,” stated Don Rule, CEO and co-founder of Translational Software. “They have a strong understanding of the value of precision medicine and are demonstrating their commitment to associate satisfaction with this rollout.”

Translational Software has been working at the forefront of healthcare to build a network of laboratories, medical professionals, software vendors, and employers to provide comprehensive, individualized care to patients. As a leader in the field of pharmacogenomics, the company offers their clients well-researched insights on prescribing practices.

The field of pharmacogenomics involves the role of inherited genetic differences in drug metabolic processing and how that affects individual patient responses to those medications. Translational Software solutions interpret complex genetic information and provides evidence-based recommendations for optimizing medication management based on individual patient profiles.

“Translational Software has been a great partner for us as we developed this program for Allscripts,” said Joel Diamond, MD, chief medical officer and 2bPrecise co-founder, a subsidiary of TS. “The two companies share a deep commitment to demonstrating the dramatic impact undeniable value in improving patient safety and outcomes. We look forward to seeing the value this new service provides to Allscripts associates.”