Transforming Healthcare: ModMeds Daniel Cane

When he founded his first business in college, founder Daniel Cane had confidence on his side - even if it was "undeserved."

Launching the educational tech startup Blackboard involved a combination of the right place, right time, right people, and the right enthusiasm for the product - even if, in hindsight, he didn't know what he was doing. (Though, clearly he must have known something - the startup sold for $1 billion in 2011.)

Now Daniel is taking that same ingenuity and courage and applying it to the medical industry - only now, he has the experience to back it up (not to mention, a doctor cofounder). The electronic health records software company ModMed, or Modernizing Medicine, boasts adaptive technology that's massively popular among doctors around the world.

Listen to his journey.

Full interview available on The Healthcare Technology Report's affiliate Great Entrepreneurs.

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