Transcarent and ViewFi Transform Orthopedic Care

Transcarent, a health and care experience startup, has partnered with ViewFi to provide patients with world-class orthopedic and musculoskeletal care. 

Transcarent Surgery Care's Orthopedic Consult service, powered by ViewFi, is changing the way people get high-quality, affordable care by eliminating travel and long wait times. 

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Musculoskeletal diseases affect more than half of Americans over 18. These illnesses cost $980.1 billion in 2012–2014 in direct medical costs and lost wages. Transcarent's Orthopedic Consult service addresses these problems by meeting the growing demand for efficient and accessible orthopedic care. 

Patients find it challenging to attend orthopedic consultations. The average appointment wait time is 16.9 days—a 48% increase from 2017. Transcarent quickly removes these restrictions. 

Online medical evaluations from top orthopedic surgeons and experts eliminate travel and weeks of waiting. Transcarent users can easily connect with top orthopedic experts via the app thanks to ViewFi's revolutionary technology. 

This groundbreaking technology speeds up care, avoiding costly trips to specialists and emergency rooms. Orthopedic providers can schedule appointments and examine members in less than two days, allowing for speedier recuperation. 

Transcarent CEO Glen Tullman stresses improving access to high-quality orthopedic consults under Surgery Care. "We understand that offering our members seamless access to exceptional orthopedic care removes yet another barrier in their journey towards optimal health," says Tullman.

The Surgery Care exemplifies the growing desire for high-quality, cost-effective, personalized care. Transcarent simplifies healthcare by using cutting-edge technologies and prioritizing member requirements. 

This partnership shows their dedication to improving healthcare access and patient empowerment. 

Transcarent and ViewFi are changing orthopedic care in an era of urgent care. 

This innovative relationship connects patients to orthopedic professionals, improving accessibility, affordability, and convenience. Transcarent is leading the industry with Orthopedic Consult, helping patients manage musculoskeletal disorders and get the care they need. 

The Transcarent-ViewFi partnership gives patients and providers optimism as the healthcare business evolves. This creative cooperation revolutionizes orthopedic treatment by removing barriers, providing rapid evaluations, and allowing patients to take ownership of their health.