Top Medical Imaging Companies Make Acquisitions, Form Coalitions

In addition to an upcoming public launch on the Nasdaq, $580 million-valued portable MRI-manufacturer Hyperfine is joining forces with Liminal Sciences, a company specializing in brain activity measurement. Investment firms HealthCor and Catalio have acquired the two companies -- which assembled a SPAC based in the Cayman Islands for the agreement. The union is determined to reach a larger patient base with its top-notch neurological vitals detection and MRI imaging technology. The board of directors of each group have given the green light, ahead of shareholder approval. This new entity is due to have an enterprise value totaling $580 million and will maintain a $375 million cash bank. All parties are aiming to close the deal by fourth-quarter 2021.

Intelerad, a radiology vendor, has announced the acquisition of clinical workflow automation company Heart Imaging Technologies. HeartIT is a supplier of online image management technology and services to health organizations. Interlad plans to broaden the reach of its enterprise imaging commodities with what is its fourth acquisition in the past year.

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Amsterdam-headquartered technology company Royal Phillips has produced a lightning-fast MRI protocol that is meant to boost the use of modality in cardiology. The protocol can manage full heart function and anatomy assessments in minutes as opposed to hours. Phillips has worked closely with the Spanish National Center for Cardiovascular Research for nonclinical testing.