Tomorrow Health
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New York, NY

Overall Rank: 57
Category: Software & Data
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  • Top HealthTech Company of 2023


Tomorrow Health is America’s leading home-based healthcare provider, using high-impact technology to transform the way care is ordered, delivered, and paid for.

One in four Americans today have a need for home-based care – from a new mother requiring a breast pump and an in-home lactation consultant, to a chronic COPD patient on oxygen relying on a CPAP machine. The lack of infrastructure required to effectively connect medical providers, home-based care suppliers, patients, and health plans has led to significant cracks in quality, costly readmissions that impact patient outcomes, and an increase in the total cost of care.

Tomorrow Health addresses these challenges with technology that connects providers, health plans, home-based care suppliers, and patients, tracking and managing every step of home-based care from prescription to billing. The technology-driven matching process considers specialization, insurance coverage, geography, and more to pair patients with appropriate suppliers of more than 40,000 products and services.

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Key Products

Tomorrow Health has created the infrastructure to enable home-based care. Connecting providers, health plans, home-based care suppliers, and patients in one centralized platform, Tomorrow Health uses technology to pair patients with appropriate suppliers of more than 40,000 products and services to manage their at-home care.

As a result, healthcare providers are relieved from painful ordering and coordination processes. Suppliers are incentivized to increase quality at lower operational expense and healthier margins. Payors gain visibility into cost and quality, driving total cost of care savings all while benefiting patients. The Tomorrow Health infrastructure enables us to power a breadth of solutions to enable patients to receive care where they want to be most – home.


Tomorrow Health has created a new foundation for at-home healthcare, reinventing the way patients, suppliers, and payors / providers manage the home-based care process.


  • Tomorrow Health generates 15+% savings for our health plan partners via payment policy optimization, excess utilization reduction, and fee schedule discounts.

  • Tomorrow Health has driven 3.4x ROI to partner Geisinger Health Plan DME.


  • Suppliers using our technology see a 20%+ reduction in order processing costs (currently, manual order processing constitutes ~64% of supplier operational expenses).

  • Suppliers also benefit from a 2x+ increase in order volume.

  • Our embedded technology reduces fraud, waste, and abuse (FW&A) by validating new orders, confirming recurring orders, and creating claim configuration rules.


  • Data from Geisinger Health Plan shows that 97% of patients reported being satisfied with their care.

  • Members receive quality care five days faster, thanks to dedicated Care Advocates delivering end-to-end support and improved quality in services and delivery time reductions of 83%.

Key Executives

Vijay Kedar, Co-founder and CEO

Vijay draws inspiration from his personal experience managing his mother’s recovery at home, which led to the establishment of Tomorrow Health. Prior to this venture, he held a senior leadership position as the Senior Director of Care Innovation at Oscar Health, a technology-driven insurer, where he witnessed the challenges of managing home-based care from the perspective of clinicians and insurers. Recognizing the fragmented and uncoordinated nature of home-based care resources, Vijay Kedar founded Tomorrow Health to address these gaps in the healthcare landscape. In addition to his role at Tomorrow Health, he has actively contributed to fostering innovation in the healthcare sector, serving as a member of the Board of Advisors for the Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce and possessing extensive experience in investment management, evaluating over $1.1 billion in investments across various sectors, including healthcare, technology, and energy.

Anna Lenhardt, Chief People Officer

Anna Lenhardt is a transformational HR executive, coach, business partner, and strategist with almost two decades of experience building and scaling mission-driven organizations. Throughout her journey, She have meticulously crafted and steered HR teams within the dynamic landscape of high-growth companies, charting their course from Series B stages to the threshold of IPOs and beyond. Her passion lies in creating thriving work cultures where values and innovation converge to ignite impactful growth.

Board Members

  • Vijay Kedar

  • Gabriel Flateman, Co-founder

  • Julie Yoo, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz



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Andreessen Horowitz

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Key Milestones

  • Employees – ~ 100 employees

  • Partnerships – Partnered with more than 125 leading health plans and health systems nationwide, including Pennsylvania’s Geisinger Health Plan.

  • Funds raised – $92.5M (Series B)

  • Modern Healthcare ‘Best Places to Work’ 2021

  • Obvious Ventures World Positive Report 2021

  • New York Healthcare Innovation Report 2022

  • CB Insights Digital Health 150 Award in 2021

News and Press Releases

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  • August 23, 2021: Reflections on our First Leadership Council’ by Eric Parnon, Director of Business Development (Read)

Corporate Responsibility

In the realm of corporate responsibility, Tomorrow Health stands as a shining example of a company deeply committed to fostering diversity and inclusivity. Their belief is that a diverse workforce, comprised of individuals from a multitude of backgrounds, enriches their collective thought, sparks innovation, and equips them to spot opportunities that often elude other companies.

This commitment to inclusivity is not just a philosophical stance; Tomorrow Health has tangible results to showcase. The company has consistently exceeded diversity benchmarks when compared to national tech workforce standards. In particular, their team boasts a workforce that is 58% female, a remarkable contrast to the industry’s 27% average. Furthermore, their leadership team impressively comprises 47% women, encompassing positions at the Director level and above. Their team’s racial diversity profile is equally impressive, with a workforce that is 53% white, outperforming the industry’s 62% average. Latinx representation at 15% exceeds the tech industry’s 8% average, while Asian representation stands at a commendable 20%, in line with industry norms.

Tomorrow Health’s commitment to inclusivity isn’t a mere checkbox exercise; it’s deeply rooted in their founding principles. The company’s origins lie in the personal experiences of its founders, who served as caregivers to family members navigating the complexities of transitioning to home-based healthcare. Witnessing the challenges and emotions faced by patients and their families, they made a solemn pledge to create a company that would provide care equal to what they’d want for their own loved ones.

To achieve their ambitious mission of re-establishing the home as the primary point of care, Tomorrow Health has adopted a set of core values that underscore their patient-centered culture and commitment to stakeholders. These values guide their actions and decisions, embodying what the company holds dear in its pursuit of a better healthcare experience.

Corporate responsibility isn’t confined to the workplace for Tomorrow Health. The company actively engages with the broader community and supports causes that resonate with their values. For instance, they proudly participated in Walk MS in New York City, surpassing their fundraising target. The event united their team and others in the fight against Multiple Sclerosis, reflecting their commitment to contributing to a cure for this widespread disease.

In alignment with their belief in supporting meaningful causes, the company celebrated Black History Month by backing innovative Black-owned businesses across New York City. Additionally, their team engaged in a session on the History of Black Cinema, led by film producer and author, Shirelle Thorne. This educational initiative aimed to recognize the profound contributions of Black artists who have indelibly shaped American cinema.

In conclusion, Tomorrow Health’s corporate responsibility endeavors are deeply woven into their identity as a company. Their commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and community engagement mirrors their broader mission of providing exceptional healthcare services and making a positive impact on their workforce, patients, and the community they serve.