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RXNT is a fast-growing healthcare technology company headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland. The company provides integrated, cloud-based practice and clinical software for specialties of all sizes, from large physician practices to medical billing professionals across the United States.

Founded in 1999 by Randy Boldyga, the company revolutionized the way physicians wrote prescriptions with a cloud-based Electronic Prescribing solution that is still the gold standard. Today, RXNT has grown immensely, with a range of award-winning, certified healthcare technology solutions, including Electronic Health Records, Practice Management with Medical Billing and Scheduling, Patient Engagement & Telehealth, integrated mobile applications, and more.

The company’s newest patient-facing product, MyRXNT, helps patients stay connected to their health with user-friendly tools designed to manage medical information and navigate the health journey. Using RXNT’s software, more than 10 million prescriptions are transmitted and $300 million in claims are processed per year. In 2021, for the third year in a row, RXNT was named to the Inc. 5000 list of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies.

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Key Products

Electronic Health Records

Improve patient care with integrated eRx and patient portal, custom charting and reports, and mobile apps.

Electronic Prescribing

Prescribe safely and securely from anywhere, improve patient safety, and comply with EPCS mandates.

Practice Management

Get paid faster with robust medical billing, integrated scheduling, and revenue cycle management.

Billing Co. Software

Increase profitability, maximize efficiency, take on more clients, and exceed expectations for reimbursement.

Patient Engagement Software

The role of most healthcare professionals has always been to interact with patients directly; however, health outcomes and satisfaction can improve when patients remain engaged with their own care outside of direct treatment. At the same time, practices benefit from improved efficiency when patients have the tools they need to take control of their own appointments, prescriptions, bill payments, and communications with healthcare professionals.

Medical Patient & Resource Scheduling

Quickly view and manage what’s happening at your practice from anywhere with easy mobile applications for iOS and Android. Plus, connect to RXNT’s integrated Medical Billing software for a complete Practice Management system. Every solution from RXNT is certified and dependable, with no hidden fees.


RXNT’s digital platform is telehealth-friendly, allowing you to document virtual patient visits side-by-side with telemedicine solutions and seamlessly bill for your services. Get secure telehealth, without disrupting the efficiencies and intuitive workflows you need to keep your practice running smoothly.

Mobile Apps

Manage and grow your practice from anywhere with convenient features for you and your patients, like easy sign-in options with facial and fingerprint recognition. Handle important clinical and practice tasks quickly and easily from your mobile or tablet device, giving you more time to deliver quality patient care and efficiently manage your practice from wherever you’re working!

Software for Hospice

Patients—especially those in hospice care—count on the medications you administer. To provide effective, comfort-focused care, these Hospice professionals need point-of-care prescribing tools that allow them to send prescriptions from wherever they’re working, whether that’s behind a desk or by a patient’s bedside. As many physicians have already discovered, electronic prescribing comes with a number of benefits for hospice workers and their patients.

Customer Insights

“RXNT’s [billing solution] is very easy to navigate…you can move columns around and take out others to get the information you want into your report.” — Robin Scott-Tripp, CEO and Founder, Mountain View Medical Billing


“It feels like RXNT was made for our practice…like RXNT is customizing the solution just for us. The system is very user-friendly.” — Karen Casseday, MN, PMHP-BC, ARNP


“I’m always amazed when other doctors complain about their electronic prescribing program or EHR. I always blog back to them, ‘Haven’t you heard of RXNT? It solves all the things you’re complaining about!’ — Dr. Goldberg, MD, Psychiatrist


“[RXNT] is clean, it’s streamlined, and it takes a lot of the guesswork out of what we do.” — Liz Miller, CEO


“RXNT’s software is easy to learn. It’s very easy to use E-Prescribing and it works really well. And the EHR is simple to use.” — Dr. William Wenokor, MD PC, Psychiatry of Boulder


“RXNT’s [billing solution] is a good product. It’s a great company to work with, customer service is awesome! RXNT is willing to make changes to make your workflow better.” — Louise Macy, CEO and Founder


“It’s a very intuitive product…I like the way the system thinks for me. It’s cut my accounts receivable down by 25% to 30% because I’m catching claims and fixing them before they even go to the payer.” — Janet Burns, Business Manager


“I was looking for [software] that spoke to me as a billing company—that gave me the most flexibility in serving different types of clients. I wanted to be able to add value.” — Regena A. Virgil, CPC, Owner/ General Manager