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Founded in 2020 by a team of serial entrepreneurs, neuro42 is a cutting-edge medtech company dedicated to advancing the field of neuroscience through its innovative solutions. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, the company specializes in the development and commercialization of a portable MRI, robotic, and AI platform tailored for point-of-care imaging and interventions guided by live imaging. neuro42 boasts a substantial intellectual property portfolio, with over 40 patents, and has cultivated partnerships with esteemed institutions such as Harvard Medical School, the University of California, Berkeley, Massachusetts General Hospital, and John Hopkins among others.

With relentless commitment to innovation, creative problem-solving, and to improving healthcare, we successfully developed the portable MRI system. The product suite integrates a range of patented technologies, facilitating efficient diagnosis and precision treatment of neurological conditions. The platform is designed to elevate both the patient and physician experience by requiring minimal set up and blending seamlessly into the procedural workflow, advancing neuroscience and improving healthcare outcomes.

Key Products

neuro42 is developing and commercializing a portable MRI system to allow for better accessibility and clinical outcomes for patients. The first ever intraoperative portable MRI system with robotics for neurosurgical guidance is being designed and developed by neuro42. The company has fused MRI, AI and robotic technologies to deliver a new, data rich experience to physicians and superior clinical outcomes for patients.

Customer Insights

“Every comprehensive stroke centre will want to have the neuro42 MRI. The low field mobile MRI would be beneficial in confirming my tumor resections and stereotactic interventions like biopsies, lasers and DBS.” – Amrith Jamoona, MD Neurosurgeon at Sutter Medical Center, CA


neuro42‘s live MRI will change the paradigm of intraoperative image guidance in surgical cases such as shunts, biopsies and laser therapy. The possibility to account for brain shift during a tumor resection is a compelling argument for its future adoption.” – Abhay Sanan, MD, Neurosurgeon at Center for Neurosciences, AZ

“The portability of neuro42 MRI can be of great value for precise and rapid evaluation of intraoperative resection of any brain lesion. It can allow timely radiological evaluation for patients in critical care units deemed to be too unstable to be transported to the conventional MRI suite.” – Marco Marsella, MD, Neurosurgeon at Banner Health, AZ


  • 795,000 strokes every year in the USA.

  • 80,000 brain tumor cases every year in the USA.

Neuro42's Video

Key Executives

  • Amit Vohra, PhD, MBA: President & Chief Executive Officer

  • Abhita Batra, MBA: Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

  • Nikhil Sadhwani, MBA: Chief Development Officer

  • Haidong Peng, PhD: Vice President, MRI

  • Tim Houchin, VP Business Development

Organizational Insights

At neuro42, we are building a product suite that unifies an ecosystem of patented technologies to enable efficient diagnosis and targeted treatment of neurological conditions.

Intraoperative robotic guidance under live MR imaging, powered by intelligent procedural planning and predictive analysis, is the future we envision.


  • Somtech Ventures

  • Zepp Health

  • Shangbay Capital

Key Milestones


  • Company incorporated

  • MRI technology licensed from MGH

  • Leased 4,500sqft of office space in SF

  • Series A funding closed


  • Licensed robot IP from Johns Hopkins University

  • 20 “Most Admired Companies” by Global Business Leaders Mag

  • Expanded office space to over 12,000sqft

  • Received clearance to run two IRB approved clinical studies for scanning healthy subjects and patients

  • 10 “Great Companies To Work For” by Global Business Leaders Mag

  • $5M SBIR grant awarded by NIH/NINDS

News and Press Releases

July 27, 2021: neuro42 Announces the Closing of $6.5M Series A Round (Read)

May 12, 2021: Technology Focus: Neuro42 develops low-field MRI technology (Read)


With the latest advancements in low field MRI technology, the landscape that neuro42 is competing in is very interesting. Their bedside MRI scanner compliments the use of CT and conventional MRI scanners to provide information for decision making in an acute clinical setting. Here they only have one other commercial player proving the importance of such technology. However, as they continue to develop their first-of-its-kind live imaging robotics platform for neurosurgical guidance, they will create a new category of products within neurosurgery. As a first mover, they are leading the innovation efforts in this space building a strong portfolio of patents and building useful partnerships to enhance our market position.

Corporate Responsibility

neuro42 is driven by a team of serial entrepreneurs and innovators with a mission to improve lives through its patient-centric solutions. The team aims to not only enhance the patient experience, but also make healthcare more accessible. The company has partnered and also makes periodic donations to patient groups and similar organisations across the nation to spread awareness of our technological advancements in neuroimaging. Our employees are at the heart of the company. We support diversity and provide a welcoming environment at work. We offer competitive wellness and healthcare perks to all members of the team to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As a company, neuro42 promotes innovation for the wellbeing of the community it intends to serve and by keeping these goals and values at the forefront of every decision, neuro42 will see a long lasting operation.