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Founded in 1986, Loftware stands as the premier cloud-based Enterprise Labeling and Artwork Management provider globally, offering a comprehensive labeling solution platform to enterprises across scales.  Led by their CEO, Jim Bureau, they exhibit a robust global presence, encompassing offices in the US, UK, Germany, Slovenia, China, and Singapore. Loftware leverages over 35 years of unrivaled expertise in addressing complex labeling challenges.

The company is committed to facilitating accuracy, traceability, and compliance improvements while concurrently enhancing the quality, speed, and efficiency of labeling processes. Notably, Loftware leads the industry as the primary provider of Enterprise Labeling and Artwork Management solutions, extending its scope to Clinical trial Labeling and Regulated Content Management. This diverse portfolio empowers organizations to embrace supply chain agility, navigate evolving regulatory landscapes, and optimize overall business operations.

Loftware serves a diverse array of industries, including automotive, chemicals, consumer products, electronics, food and beverage, manufacturing, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, retail, and apparel. Backed by prominent investors including Accel-KKR and Riverside Partners, they are dedicated to enhancing accuracy, traceability, and compliance, while simultaneously optimizing the speed, quality, and efficiency of labeling processes. Renowned as the foremost global provider of Enterprise Labeling and Artwork Management solutions, including Clinical trial Labeling and Regulated Content Management, Loftware empowers enterprises with supply chain agility, regulatory compliance, and streamlined business operations.

In a competitive landscape that includes Neoway, Interactions, and SpringML, they remain pioneers in revolutionizing labeling and artwork management solutions across industries such as automotive, chemicals, consumer products, electronics, food and beverage, manufacturing, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, retail, and apparel. With a steadfast focus on innovation and customer success, the company continues to redefine labeling practices, positioning businesses for operational excellence within their respective sectors.

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Key Products

Loftware hosts various brands in their portfolio. The key ones include: 


NiceLabel by Loftware offers a seamless end-to-end solution for label management, encompassing design and printing processes. This user-friendly system caters to both single-site and multi-location deployments, making it an ideal choice for mid-sized and growing businesses. With a focus on rapid implementation, NiceLabel empowers enterprises to efficiently manage their labeling needs. Additionally, Loftware’s Academy learning platform provides a range of training options, ensuring that users across roles can effectively design, manage, print, and automate labels within their printing environment.


Loftware Spectrum® for Medical Devices redefines labeling for medical enterprises, delivering unmatched accuracy and compliance to stringent regulations such as FDA UDI and EU MDR. This versatile solution, available in the cloud or on-premise, provides a comprehensive digital platform that ensures unparalleled performance. From precise label design control and streamlined approvals to compliance tracking and data-driven labeling, it empowers enterprises to achieve operational excellence with precision and confidence.


A purpose-built solution, empowers your business to efficiently manage packaging artwork. This transformative cloud-based platform streamlines the concept-to-shelf process, enhancing accountability and structure. By offering control and speed to market, Smartflow ensures precision in your packaging journey. With SOC 2 certification, it guarantees the highest data security standards. Streamlining processes throughout the product lifecycle, enabling content control, managing multi-lingual copy effortlessly, ensuring compliance, and providing insights into packaging artwork processes, Smartflow stands as a pivotal tool for efficient and controlled artwork management.

Customer Insights

Loftware’s Spectrum has garnered enthusiastic acclaim from its users. Under the title “Best enterprise labeling tool,” with a score of 4.4 out of 5 on G2,  customers laud the platform’s ability to encompass all necessary features for label design. The appreciation extends to the inclusion of business rules for customized label coding, the configuration of multiple printers, and the seamless distribution of workload across multiple servers. 

Described as an “All-In-One solution for complex labeling,” Spectrum continues to impress with its ease of installation, requiring no specialized skills. The account management team’s dedicated support in clarifying options and service features adds a positive dimension to the customer journey. Beyond its user-friendliness, it also emerges as a cost-effective solution, surpassing competitors and facilitating access through its browser-based interface.

Loftware NiceLabel stands out with an impressive rating of 4.3 out of 5 on, as endorsed by satisfied users. It earns praise for its intuitive usability and efficiency in generating swift labels. Users appreciate the abundance of features catering to label design needs and the convenience of pre-defined templates, coupled with the flexibility to save new labels as templates.

PING, a prominent golf club manufacturer, experienced a remarkable transformation in label creation with Loftware. Their label creation time, which used to span two weeks, was streamlined to just one day. Siemens, leveraging Loftware NiceLabel, implemented a labeling-as-a-service solution that revolutionized label delivery in highly automated manufacturing and logistics settings. The centralized labeling approach enabled real-time label provisioning, aligning seamlessly with Siemens’ technologically advanced operations.

Boehringer Ingelheim’s IT Operations Services recognized the strategic significance of Loftware’s NiceLabel LMS in their global SAP implementation journey. The adoption of this global labeling tool proved pivotal in sync with their ongoing introduction of the Global SAP system across various sites. These customer insights epitomize Loftware’s commitment to enhancing labeling efficiency, real-time operations, and seamless integration into complex infrastructures across diverse industries.

In conclusion, the chorus of customer insights reveals Loftware’s resounding success in providing innovative solutions that address diverse labeling needs. These not only showcase their commitment to excellence but also emphasize the company’s dedication to meeting customer expectations and enhancing their labeling experiences. As these voices of satisfaction and success resonate, they serve as a testament to the company’s unwavering drive to continue delivering unparalleled value to its cherished customers.


  • Headquarters: 1 (Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States)

  • Founded: 1986

  • Locations worldwide: 5+

  • Number of employees: 500+

  • Partners: 10+

Rating and Commentary

Loftware’s unwavering commitment to security in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape is commendable. The company’s understanding of the criticality of safeguarding sensitive data aligns with its prioritization of customer trust. This approach strengthens the company’s standing and augments its ability to deliver secure solutions. In conjunction with their CEO, Jim Bureau, and their strategic vision, Loftware’s profound impact on businesses is evident in tangible success stories. 

Loftware’s solid partnership with investors like Accel-KKR and Riverside Partners, along with its ability to stand strong among competitors like Neoway, Interactions, and SpringML, forms a resilient foundation for its continued success. The company’s commitment to innovation and addressing customer needs through solutions like Spectrum and Smartflow shines through in positive customer feedback. Positioned as a leader in the labeling industry, their dedication to excellence, customer satisfaction, and adaptability reaffirms their position as a notable contender in the market, primed for sustained growth and innovation in the future. 

Their unwavering dedication to customer success extends beyond their innovative solutions and strategic investments. The company’s proactive approach to security and commitment to addressing evolving industry regulations reflect a profound understanding of its clients’ unique needs. With a holistic focus on security, innovation, and customer-centricity, Loftware remains poised to not only meet but exceed the expectations of businesses across a wide spectrum of industries.

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Key Executives

Jim Bureau, President & CEO

Jim is the driving force behind Loftware’s vision, strategy, and leadership. With a strong background in executive roles, he has a proven track record of exceeding standards and providing value-based leadership. Notably, he led JAGGAER as CEO, achieving a 55% revenue increase and a successful transition to SaaS. His transformative approach also yielded a remarkable 45% partner-sourced revenue improvement. Prior experiences at Verint Systems/KANA Software, Pegasystems, Shared Health, Oracle, and 3M further underscore his strategic prowess.

Allen Patrick, Senior Vice President of Sales

He leads sales operations in the Americas, oversees the global clinical trials function, and spearheads business development initiatives. His extensive experience in enterprise software sales spans 30 years, during which he has successfully implemented sales processes and systems to support Loftware’s impressive growth trajectory across industries and global markets. Holding a degree in Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University, he is also APICS certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM).

Victoria Armstrong, Senior Vice President, People

Victoria is the driving force behind Loftware’s people-centered initiatives, crafting a talent strategy that encompasses recruitment and professional development. Her global perspective, marked by experiences in diverse countries, enhances her leadership. Victoria’s credentials include an MBA in business psychology and certification as a leadership coach. She’s renowned for her role in fostering a dynamic workforce through global mentorship programs.

Michael Ward, Senior Vice President of Customer Success

Michael is dedicated to driving the success of Loftware’s Enterprise Labeling and Artwork Management solutions, offering expert technology solutions for businesses globally. His leadership extends to expanding customer-facing teams to support both on premise and SaaS deployments. Beyond his professional expertise, Michael’s passions include boating and skiing. With over 30 years of experience in enterprise solution architecture, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the team.

Organizational Insights

Loftware cultivates an exceptional organizational culture that resonates with its employees across all levels. The company receives high ratings across various dimensions, underscoring its commitment to fostering a positive and engaging work environment.

With an impressive overall rating of 4.1 out of 5 on Glassdoor and consistent scores in Culture & Values, Diversity and Inclusion, and Work/Life Balance, Loftware demonstrates its dedication to creating a harmonious and inclusive workplace where employees thrive. This commitment is further reflected in the 83% recommendation rate, showcasing the level of satisfaction and fulfillment that employees experience.

While Senior Management receives a 4/5 rating, reflecting room for further growth in this aspect, the company’s strong positive business outlook, with an astounding 100% approval rate for the CEO, attests to leadership that resonates with the workforce.  They  recognize the importance of holistic well-being, as indicated by the 4/5 rating in Compensation and Benefits. The company’s thriving culture, positive ratings, and impressive approval metrics collectively depict an organization that is not just a workplace but a community where employees are empowered, respected, and inspired.

The voices within their workforce resonate with positivity, highlighting an organizational culture that fosters growth and satisfaction. With a strong recommendation rate and CEO approval, employees underscore the company’s people-centric approach and global leadership status. The sentiment of remarkable work-life balance, remote opportunities, cutting-edge technology, and robust professional development prevails among team members. 

The inclusive and diverse workforce, coupled with an environment where contributions matter, further reinforces Loftware’s reputation. While the company continues to experience growth and acquisitions, employees appreciate the supportive culture, impactful executive leadership, and CEO engagement. These firsthand accounts collectively illustrate an exceptional workplace where engagement, empowerment, and professional fulfillment converge.

Board Members

Rob Palumbo

Rob’s extensive experience includes leadership roles at prominent financial institutions. Before Accel-KKR, he co-led software investment banking at Thomas Weisel Partners in San Francisco. His contributions span three years at Deutsche Bank, establishing technology investment banking in the southeastern U.S. and leading the software practice in Silicon Valley. Earlier, at Stephens, Inc., Rob directed the information technology banking practice and orchestrated private equity investments. His career began in 1990 as a mergers and acquisitions analyst at Alex. Brown & Sons in Baltimore, MD.

David Belluck

David is a distinguished member of Loftware’s Board of Directors and a General Partner at Riverside Partners, a prestigious private equity investment firm based in Boston. With a focus on the technology and healthcare industries, Riverside Partners invests in burgeoning middle-market enterprises. David, a seasoned executive since 1988, currently oversees investments from Riverside Fund V, L.P., a substantial $561 million fund. Beyond his financial acumen, David’s influence extends to various leadership roles, including serving on Massachusetts’ Governor’s Council of Economic Advisors, holding positions in The Alliance for Business Leadership, chairing Cool Globes in Boston, and directing educational institutions like The Winsor School and Kingsley Montessori School. 

Park Durrett

Durrett serves as a Managing Director at Accel-KKR, bringing extensive expertise to Loftware’s board of directors. With a background that spans The CapStreet Group, Technology Crossover Ventures, and 3i Group, he’s well-versed in executing investments across industries like energy, technology, and infrastructure. Park’s career began in technology investment banking at Robertson Stephens & Company, showcasing his diverse and comprehensive experience.

Vita Cassese

Vita has over 30 years of operations experience at Pfizer Inc., a $67 billion Fortune 30 company. Most recently, she held the position of Vice President, Business Development, Strategy, and Innovation. She previously served as CIO for Pfizer Worldwide Pharmaceuticals, leading an organization of nearly 2,000 people in 44 countries. Vita was a member of the Worldwide Pharmaceuticals Leadership Team, which was responsible for long term business strategy. She is a member of the Board of Directors of MediMedia USA Inc. and the Staywell Company.


Riverside Partners

Established in 1989, Riverside Partners is a middle market private equity firm, presently directing investments through Riverside Fund V, L.P. Their investment focus centers on growth-oriented enterprises, predominantly within the healthcare and technology sectors. With a penchant for collaboration with founders and management teams, Riverside Partners leverages its extensive domain knowledge and operational proficiency to enhance its portfolio companies. Managing $1 billion of equity capital today, the firm seeks investments in companies boasting revenues ranging from $20 million to $200 million.


They are  a technology-focused investment firm with over $18 billion in capital commitments that specializes in nurturing software and tech-enabled enterprises poised for substantial growth. Central to their approach is fostering robust partnerships with portfolio company management and utilizing the extensive resources of their network to enhance value. Primarily focused on middle-market companies, Accel-KKR offers diverse capital solutions such as buyout capital, growth investments, and credit alternatives. Their investment scope encompasses private company recapitalizations, divisional carve-outs, and going-private transactions, with headquarters in Menlo Park and additional offices in Atlanta and London.

Key Milestones

  • In 2023, Loftware won SupplyTech company of the year

  • In 2023, Loftware was named “Overall SupplyTech Company of the Year” in 2023 SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards

  • In 2023, Loftware Appoints Jim Bureau as President and Chief Executive Officer

  • In 2023, Loftware Announced Global Technology Alliance with Toshiba

  • In 2023, Loftware and Epson Announced Partnership to Revolutionize Labeling Workflows

  • In 2023, Loftware was Recognized by Corporate LiveWire as “Labeling Solutions Provider of the Year”

News and Press Releases

  • June 6, 2023:  Loftware NiceLabel Cloud delivers enhanced integration capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics 365 supply chain management and SAP (Read)

  • May 30, 2023: Loftware NiceLabel Cloud Designer is the beginning of a new era for channel partners (Read)

  • March 21, 2023:Josh Roffman Shares the Loftware Story and Its Current Role in Managing Label Workflow (Read)

  • December 19, 2022:  Loftware on sustainability and supply chain disruptions (Read)

  • November 21, 2022: Loftware’s conference draws over 2,100 supply chain and labeling professionals (Read)



Renowned for its innovative natural language understanding technology utilized by global Fortune 500 firms, Interactions’ Adaptive-Understanding™ technology seamlessly merges human and machine intelligence, offering conversational virtual assistant solutions. Notable clients, including Hyatt, Best Western, Humana, TXU Energy, Asurion, and AllConnect have benefited from their solutions, which have facilitated over a billion transactions. With a foundation in natural speech recognition, Interactions’ solutions, adaptable to human conversations, have driven efficiency and cost-savings for major corporations worldwide. 


Founded in 2005 and headquartered in San Jose, California, empowers individuals and teams to engage with their data, content, and applications across displays of varying sizes. With expertise in video walls, video wall displays, large format displays, and digital display solutions, Prysm has established itself as a competitor in the visual communication and collaboration space.


They leverage predictive analytics powered by machine learning models to glean actionable insights from CRM data, benefiting sales and marketing teams. Their applications streamline critical processes like sales forecasting and opportunity management, minimizing manual errors. Beyond software, SpringML offers consulting services encompassing analytics strategy and Salesforce Wave implementation, empowering clients with the necessary data and insights for enhanced performance. With a focus on rapid results and reliability, SpringML presents a compelling alternative in the market.


A market intelligence and big data analytics firm, Neoway offers a subscription-based big data analytics platform called SIMM, enabling users to delve into detailed data about companies and individuals. This platform empowers businesses to map economic groups, control opportunity distribution, and create alerts for vendors. Neoway’s broad market reach spans industries including automotive, consumer goods, technology, and finance, catering to banks, insurance companies, and more.

Corporate Responsibility

Loftware is a company that deeply understands the paramount importance of security in the realm of business software. In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, the company acknowledges the persistent challenges that businesses confront when safeguarding sensitive data against emerging threats. With a clear comprehension of the significance of preserving customers’ trust and protecting their information, Loftware has firmly established security as a foundational pillar across its operations.

This commitment to security is prominently demonstrated through Loftware’s attainment of SOC 2 Type 2 certification for its prominent solutions, Spectrum, the Enterprise Labeling solution, and Smartflow, the Artwork Management solution. This certification not only underscores Loftware’s dedication to upholding trust service principles but also highlights the company’s operational excellence.  

Additionally, Loftware proudly maintains ISO 9001:2015 certification for its development processes. This globally recognized quality management standard serves as a testament to the company’s unwavering ability to consistently deliver products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. This dedication showcases Loftware’s determination to perpetual improvement, the delivery of exceptional customer experiences, and the adherence to the most stringent quality benchmarks.

Their commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace is exemplified through the establishment of the Loftware Women’s Inclusion Network (WIN) on International Women’s Day. WIN serves as a platform to nurture equal opportunities for all employees, with a special focus on empowering women to reach their full potential while challenging biases. To mark this devotion, WIN organized three impactful company-wide events during the week of March 8. These events celebrated gender equality and diversity, underscoring their dedication to creating an environment where every individual’s contribution is valued, regardless of gender. As the Loftware Women’s Inclusion Network continues to grow, it solidifies their pledge to foster inclusivity and equity throughout the organization.