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  • Top HealthTech Company of 2023


Headquartered in New York, Kontakt.io is the fastest-growing SaaS provider and a pioneer in Inpatient Journey Analytics that optimizes the efficiency and quality of care operations. By understanding how patients move through the care delivery process, Kontakt.io helps health systems uncover waste, improve workflows, and transform experiences for staff and patients.

Using RTLS, IoT and AI, Kontakt.io delivers a cloud-based platform for over 30 use cases, including asset tracking, bed management, staff safety, patient flow, wayfinding, and much more. Delivered as a service, its solutions span BLE sensors and tags, BLE gateways, web applications, and APIs, giving health systems a 360° view of the clinical spaces, assets, processes, and people.

Built on open-standard technologies, Kontakt.io has the most IT-friendly platform that can be rapidly deployed and easily integrated into existing network infrastructure, creating ROI within months of installation. Since 2013, Kontakt.io has provided solutions to +32,000 end users, delivered via +1,200 partners, and deployed +3 million IoT devices in the field.

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Key Products

Kontakt.io delivers end-to-end solutions to two key verticals: healthcare and CRE workspace.

In healthcare, Kontakt.io helps healthcare facilities optimize care operations and improve patient care. Key solutions include:

  • Care Operations, including medical equipment tracking & management, wheelchair tracking, and bed management.

  • Staff Experiences, including staff safety, staff journey analytics, hand hygiene compliance, and transportation management.

  • Patient Experiences, including patient flow & and elopement, indoor navigation, digital concierge, and patient room display.

In CRE workspace, Kontakt.io helps office buildings optimize office space and tenant experiences. Key solutions include:

  • Space Management, including seat occupancy, room occupancy, and floor occupancy.

  • Asset Tracking & Management.

  • Occupant Experiences, including staff safety, staff journey analytics, indoor navigation, and environmental monitoring.

Through working with 1,200+ independent software vendors, Kontakt.io also delivers BLE-based RTLS, occupancy, environmental monitoring, and wayfinding capabilities for other industries — integrated out of the box with immediate impact on your business, customers, and employees. Industries served include education, logistics, hospitality, retail, manufacturing & energy, transportation, public spaces, etc.

Customer Insights

The Director of Product Management at Cisco expressed that Kontakt.io’s integration with Cisco Spaces represents a leap forward in the accessibility and scalability of indoor IoT services. Kontakt.io brings product expertise across industries, whether in healthcare or corporate real estate management, that, combined with the power of a Cisco network, can unlock true business value.

Various healthcare organizations have expressed appreciation for Kontakt.io’s healthcare solutions. For example, the chief information security officer (CISO) at Riverside Healthcare indicated that Kontakt.io’s solution resulted in an immediate improvement of the hospital’s operational efficiency through data analysis, enabling better decision-making.

“Protecting our staff from potential dangers is a top priority. Kontakt.io is giving us a way to provide personal safety solutions to our staff so they can request and receive assistance quickly when an incident occurs. This solution has enabled our staff members to feel safe every time they walk into the door,” said the Director of IT Infrastructure and Security at the LA LGBT Center.

“Having better insights into our real inventory status for various equipment means we can make better procurement decisions and not over-purchase things that we already have enough of. Our network infrastructure was already Bluetooth ® LE enabled so we knew we could leverage the investment we had already made. And knowing the benefits Bluetooth ® LE brings, we knew it was the right direction,” remarked the Program Analyst at the US Department of Veterans Affairs.


  • Founded in 2013

  • 125 employees

  • +32,000 end users

  • +1,200 partners

  • +4 million active IoT devices

  • +1.2 billion square feet covered

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Key Executives

Philipp von Gilsa, CEO

Philipp von Gilsa, CEO & co-founder of Kontakt.io, is a seasoned entrepreneur with expertise in building outstanding products, teams, and companies. Under his leadership, Kontakt.io has emerged as the fastest-growing SaaS company replacing legacy RTLS systems in healthcare. An LSE alumnus, Philipp holds degrees in Business Administration, Economics, Sociology, and Policy Making.

Rom Eizenberg, CRO

Rom Eizenberg has been Kontakt.io’s CRO since 2020. Prior to joining Kontakt.io, Rom was the VP of Global Sales at Bluvision – HID, part of Assa Abloy, where he led sales and marketing following the acquisition of IoT startup Bluvision by HID. Throughout his career, Rom has led enterprise software commercial organizations from Fortune 500 to tech startups, twice as a founder. Educated in computer science and international economics, Rom holds three registered patents.

Key Milestones

  • Recognized as a Challenger by 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Indoor Location Services

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