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eVideon is the leader in hospital smart room technology and digital workflow solutions. Our Vibe Health smart room platform automates clinical workflow, enhances communication, and transforms the care environment. Using our interactive TV, digital whiteboard, digital door sign, bedside tablet, and video visit solutions, we deliver a personalized experience to patients and families, while easing the burden on care teams. The platform integrates with the hospital’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and other installed systems to ensure accurate, real-time information is accessible to all throughout the care journey. Using automation, Vibe Health relieves nurses of non-clinical responsibilities and enables the care team to spend more time at the bedside. We are reimagining the human experience in healthcare by delivering the digital patient room of the future today.

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Key Products

Engage interactive TV

Vibe Engage transforms the in-room footwall TV into an interactive communication tool. Engage is designed to personalize the in-room experience, greeting patients by their preferred name as they enter their room. Patients and families can leverage Engage to learn about their diagnosis, provide feedback on their experience, and prepare for success post-discharge. Engage also fosters autonomy and independence by providing patients with access to condition-specific education, digital service requests, meal ordering, communication tools, entertainment, and relaxation content. 

Insight digital whiteboard

Vibe Insight is a customizable digital whiteboard solution that replaces dry erase boards in patient rooms with real-time information from the EMR and other technology systems. Insight is an essential clinical communication tool that keeps patients, families, and the care team informed of the care plan while eliminating the need for nurses to spend valuable time on manual processes. For example, Vibe’s integration with real-time location systems (RTLS) notifying a patient when members of the care team enter their room with pop-up alerts and a visit history with date and time stamps. Digital whiteboards can be standalone displays, separate from the patient console, or integrated with the footwall TV solution to optimize space. 

Aware digital door sign

Vibe Aware is a digital door display that integrates with the EMR improve communication and care coordination. Aware features dynamic alerts to notify staff in real-time using its direct integration with the electronic medical record (EMR). Members of the care team can access critical patient information and precautions, such as allergies, fall risk, NPO, etc., directly from the door sign outside the patient room, keeping staff, visitors, and patients safe from harm. Hospitals can prevent costly mistakes and improve communication by making accurate and real-time information accessible to all. 

Companion bedside tablet

Vibe Companion provides convenient access to all the features and benefits of our Engage TV solution on a bedside tablet. Patients can access assigned education content, enjoy entertainment, request a service, order meals, provide feedback on their stay, initiate a video chat and more. Touchscreens eliminate the need for external keyboards, which are often dropped or misplaced, in need of frequent battery changes or charging, or pose an infection control risk. For semi-private rooms, Companion offers increased privacy to each patient.‍

HELLO video visit

Vibe HELLO is a HIPAA-compliant video visit solution that helps keep patients connected with friends, loved ones, and even care team members near and far. Designed specifically for the healthcare environment, patients can video chat seamlessly from their bedside without having to download software, remember passwords or ask a nurse to troubleshoot. Patients use a hospital-provided tablets or their own device to start a video chat session from a simple and easy to navigate interface. 

Banner digital signage 

Vibe Banner is a digital signage solution that lets hospitals communicate seamlessly via television displays. Banner is a modern communication tool that delivers vital information to patients, families, staff wherever they are in your facility. From the cafeteria to the waiting room to the lobby, Banner can display video content, cafeteria menus, maps, static images, important notices and alerts or other key messages. Banner elevates a hospitals brand while reducing overall marketing costs.

Customer Insights

eVideon is a trusted partner of a variety of hospitals and health systems ranging from large independent delivery networks (IDNs) to midsized regional health systems and small, rural facilities. With the Vibe Health smart room platform, eVideon delivers a customized and fully integrated solution that empowers patients, families and care teams.

A prime example of eVideon’s impact can be found at Geisinger (Danville, Pa.) who deployed the Vibe Health platform in over 100 patient rooms across five unique sites, ranging from adult specialty units to the Janet Weiss Children’s Hospital. Within less than one year of implementation, Geisinger saw an increase in their Press Ganey patient experience scores, including a 6.5% increase in Average Hospital Rating as well as Hospital Experience increasing by 9% and 18% for “explain new meds side effects” and “explain purpose of new meds”, respectively. 

At Geisinger, Vibe Health integrates with Epic (EMR) as well as their real-time location system (RTLS) to take pressure off the nurses and hospital staff. Geisinger reported that nurses were experiencing an average daily time savings of 30-minutes with the digital whiteboard versus manual updates to a dry-erase board. Staff were also able to reduce time spent on documentation—using the EMR to assign patient education directly to the TV in the patient room, and auto-document upon completion. The RTLS integration has helped care teams keep patients and their families more informed and secure throughout their stay as real-time notifications are displayed on the TV when staff members enter the patient room. 

Vibe Health is also contributing to improved patient outcomes at Geisinger. Using a gamification feature on the digital whiteboard, Gesinger is reporting that patients are moving more with daily mobility scores increasing from 51% to 73%. Keeping patients more informed and engaged throughout their hospitalization provides a better overall experience and contributes to patient wellness and better overall health outcomes. 

Additional data from a joint research study with eVideon and Brigham & Women’s Hospital (Boston, Mass.) finds that Vibe Health’s digital whiteboard yields measurable improvements in patient satisfaction and communication in the Emergency Department. The research study reported that 96% of patients preferred having a room with a digital whiteboard, with 70% saying the digital whiteboard was either quite a bit or extremely helpful in helping them understand what was happening during their stay. This modern technology enhances communication and care coordination, which this study reveals has driven improvements in patient experience. 

Valley Health System (Ridgewood, New Jersey) is leveraging Vibe Health in their new, state-of-the-art hospital, opening in 2024. Each footwall TV in the patient room is configured with Vibe Health to greet patients upon admission, orient patients to the hospital, provide access to available services, and deliver clinical information about their care, including medications, scheduled procedures, and education. Vibe Health is also integrated with the meal ordering system to enable patients to conveniently place their dining orders, as well as integration with Valley’s RTLS to inform both patients and families of the people coming in and out of the room. While Vibe Health is designed to deliver an optimal experience to patients and families, it also eases the burden on front-line clinical staff, enabling them to concentrate on delivering care.

eVideon's Video

Key Executives

Jeff Fallon, Chairman and CEO

Jeff Fallon has been the Chairman and CEO of eVideon since 2019. His career spans 35 years in the business of healthcare, beginning as a medical device and pharma sales leader from Johnson & Johnson to executive leadership roles with innovative healthcare technology startups. Most recently, CEO Monthly named Jeff the Most Influential CEO of 2023 (USA) for the Patient Experience Solution category. 

Jeff Ingle, Founder and President

Jeff Ingle founded the company in 1993 with the mission to develop custom technology solutions that have a positive impact on the lives of clients and the community. As a former educator and technology enthusiast, Jeff’s vision for innovation has remained true to his mission for the past 30 years, positioning eVideon as a leader in the digital healthcare space. 

Brian Ingle, CFO/COO

Brian entered the healthcare IT industry with two entrepreneurial endeavors focused on mobile applications designed to help patients manage their care. Brian joined eVideon in 2014 where he now leads the financial management and operations for the company. 

Scott King, CTO

Scott has 30+ years of experience in technology, having spent the past two decades leading the design and development of eVideon’s solution suite. Scott has advised and consulted with health systems, hospitals, VA/DoD facilities, and outpatient centers of all sizes across the country to turn their innovative vision into reality.

Organizational Insights

eVideon breaks through the crowded digital health industry with their transformational Vibe Health smart room platform. Vibe Health improves communication between patients and care teams, increases patient engagement and satisfaction, and reduces errors and delays in care delivery.  Vibe Health has been recognized as a leading solution provider by KLAS Research for its innovative platform and high levels of customer satisfaction. 

The Vibe Health platform is designed to personalize the healthcare journey for patients and their families, fostering deeper engagement in their care plan. The platform also automates clinical workflow, relieving nurses of non-clinical tasks and enabling them to practice at the top of their license. Vibe Health’s integration capabilities allow for seamless integration with the hospital’s existing Electronic Medical Record (EMR), ensuring that patients and staff have access to real-time information at the point of care at the right time. 

Vibe Health’s open APIs offer integrations with many other systems, such as in-room cameras, electronic meal ordering, patient education, real-time location services (RTLS), voice control, room controls, and more. These integrations help to close staffing gaps by simplifying access to virtual care, relieving nurses of non-clinical requests, and improving overall communication and teamwork. With a single click, patients can reach housekeeping, food services, the hospital chaplain, and other departments throughout their stay. Vibe Health increases access to information and services, offering patients the conveniences they have come to expect and a sense of control and independence throughout their visit. Vibe Health ensures access to care information across multiple devices in preferred languages and invites patients to provide feedback and actively engage in their care plans.

eVideon enables hospitals and health systems to deliver the modern healthcare experience by delivering a robust platform that empowers patients and elevates clinicians to practice at the top of their license.


Spectrum Health Ventures LLC

Spectrum Health Ventures focuses on partnerships and new ventures and investing in emerging healthcare products, services, and technologies.

Key Milestones

  • July 2023, eVideon announces receipt of prestigious ISO 27001 Certification (Read)

  • July 2023, CEO Monthly names Jeff Fallon ‘Most Influential CEO 2023 (USA) for Patient Experience Solutions category (Read)

  • March 2023, Brigham and Women’s Hospital publishes research study in partnership with eVideon revealing the impact of digital whiteboards in the Emergency Department (Read)

  • March 2023, Healthcare Innovation names Vibe Health by eVideon a 2023 Innovation Awards Finalist (Read)

  • February 2023, eVideon was named a top vendor for Interactive Patient Systems in the 2023 Best in KLAS Software & Services Report, receiving a score of 90.1 by its Customers

  • November 2022, eVideon recognized by AVIA Connect as a Top Digital Health Company for 2023 (Read)

  • March 2022, eVideon receives the Michigan 50 Companies to Watch award, presented by Michigan Celebrates Small Business (Read)

  • February 2022, eVideon announces its Vibe Health smart room platform (Read)

  • December 2021, eVideon named a tool for patient experience improvement by KLAS Research in the Patient Experience Improvement 2021 report (Read)

  • February 2020, eVideon announces funding from Spectrum Health Ventures LLC, the venture capital arm of Spectrum Health, a Grand Rapids-based, not-for-profit, integrated health system (Read)

  • April 2019, eVideon appoints Jeff Fallon as Chairman and CEO (Read)

News and Press Releases

  • 18 July 2023: eVideon Demonstrates Commitment to Cybersecurity with Receipt of Prestigious ISO 27001 Certification (Read) 

  • 02 June 2023: Smart Hospital Rooms at OhioHealth Leverage RTLS Integration with Vibe Health by eVideon to Identify Workers (Read)

  • 20 April 2023: How Geisinger’s digital whiteboards transformed the patient and clinician experience (Read)

  • 17 April 2023: OhioHealth Selects Vibe Health by eVideon to Increase Clinical Efficiency and Modernize the In-Patient Experience (Read) 

  • 04 April 2023: Valley Health System debuting ‘smart rooms’ to improve patient care (Read)

  • 12 July 2022: Northwell Health selects Vibe Health by eVideon to Accelerate Digital Transformation (Read) 

  • 02 June 2022: Valley Health System Selects Vibe Health by eVideon as the Foundation for Its ‘Hospital of the Future’ (Read) 

  • 16 March 2022: Novant Health Selects Vibe Health by eVideon to enhance care coordination and provide a seamless patient experience (Read)

  • 10 May 2022: Vibe Health by eVideon to help The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center modernize the care experience (Read) 

  • 23 Sept 2021: Geisinger’s Steele Institute for Health Innovation Partners with eVideon to Transform the Digital Care Experience for Patients, Families and Caregivers (Read)



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Corporate Responsibility

eVideon is driven to reimagine and modernize the healthcare journey for patients and care teams. Our mission is to improve health and efficiency through intuitive technology. We strive to be the leading innovator that enables the most empowering and engaging healthcare experience for patients and all who care for them.