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On track to generate more than $2 billion in medical cost savings by 2023, DispatchHealth is pioneering an industry-wide shift in where healthcare is delivered, putting the well-being of patients at the forefront. By proving the viability of delivering the power of a hospital to patients at home and high-quality outcomes met with unprecedented patient satisfaction, the organization is bringing tech-enabled home-based medical care to the next level and moving the industry forward.

Founded in 2013, DispatchHealth is the first to apply fully integrated 21st-century technology to the age-old concept of medical house calls and the first platform of its kind to create a sustainable reimbursement model for high acuity care widely recognized by insurance companies. As a result, they’re transforming the facility-based care model and solving many hurdles to in-home care, including on-demand logistics that deliver providers and equipment quickly. Furthermore, as a founding member of the Moving Health Home coalition, DispatchHealth is working to fundamentally change how policymakers think about the home as a site of clinical service so that more organizations can adopt similar strategies.

In March 2021, DispatchHealth solidified its healthtech unicorn status, with $200 million in Series D financing and a valuation of over $1.7 billion. The healthcare provider currently operates in 34 states with 60 distinct markets, including mobile diagnostics, and demand for a complete system of care in the home continues to climb. DispatchHealth is partnered with industry powerhouses to expand access to exceptional healthcare to as many people as possible––and they’re just getting started.

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Customer Insights

“What we saw in DispatchHealth is they truly had innovative ideas. They were proven, and they had the same core values as us.” — Christi McCarren, RN, Former SVP, Retail Health & Community-Based Care Multicare


“Realizing 50% of seniors over 85 are leaving hospitals reporting feeling worse than when they arrived, we were searching for viable solutions. DispatchHealth demonstrates a care model that brings complex medical treatments onsite, reducing unnecessary ambulance transports, ER visits, and hospitalizations while improving outcomes, elevating resident experience, and cutting burdensome costs.” — David Keaton, President, The Aspenwood Company


“My 96-year-old mother was very ill as the result of a stomach virus. Her doctor recommended DispatchHealth. It meant that we didn’t have to get in the car (or ambulance) and go get on a gurney to wait in line at an emergency room. She was in her bed until two medical professionals brought their equipment and immediately made us feel taken care of. We are so grateful.” — Deanne K., Denver