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Dexcom, Inc. empowers people to take control of diabetes through innovative continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Dexcom has emerged as a leader of diabetes care technology. By listening to the needs of users, caregivers, and providers, Dexcom simplifies and improves diabetes management around the world.

Founded in 1999, Dexcom, Inc. (NASDAQ: DXCM), develops and markets Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) systems for ambulatory use by people with diabetes and by healthcare providers for the treatment of people with diabetes. The company is the leader in transforming diabetes care and management by providing CGM technology to help patients and healthcare professionals better manage diabetes. Since the company’s inception, Dexcom has focused on better outcomes for patients, caregivers, and clinicians by delivering solutions that are best in class – while empowering the community to take control of diabetes. Dexcom reported expected full-year 2021 revenues of $2.48B, a growth of 27% over 2020. Headquartered in San Diego, California, with additional offices in the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific, the company employs over 6,000 people worldwide.


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Key Products

The Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system gives an accurate overview of the glucose readings, both the current value and the trend, completely without finger prick or calibrations*, so they can take control of their diabetes.


Dexcom CLARITY is a diabetes management application. Dexcom CLARITY is an important part of the Dexcom CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) system. It gives an overview of the past diabetes data and shows the glucose patterns, trends and statistics.

In the Dexcom Clarity app, they can set goals and use notifications so they’re always on track. They can choose to share this data with healthcare professionals so they can more easily help manage their diabetes.

Key Executives

Kevin Sayer, Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Sayer is the Chairman of the Board of Directors, President and Chief Executive Officer of Dexcom. Kevin assumed the role of CEO in January 2015 and became Chairman of the Board in July 2018. Kevin has also served as Dexcom’s President since 2011. He held the role of Chief Operating Officer from January 2013 until January 2015. Kevin has served as a member of Dexcom’s Board of Directors beginning in November 2007, prior to his role as Chairman and CEO.

Michael Brown, EVP, Chief Legal Officer

Michael Brown is Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer at Dexcom, where he has worldwide responsibility for all legal and intellectual property matters. Before joining Dexcom in 2022, Michael was a partner at DLA Piper, where he served as outside general counsel to companies, advised on important business and legal issues, assisted with corporate governance and executed mergers and acquisitions and financings. Prior to that, he was a partner at Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth, where he represented emerging and public technology, life science and other growth companies. Before that, Michael served as outside General Counsel for several high-growth companies.

Jacob Leach, EVP, Chief Operating Officer

Jacob (“Jake”) Leach has served as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Dexcom since August 2022. Prior to becoming Chief Operating Officer, Jake served as Chief Technology Officer, leading Dexcom’s research, product development, project management and engineering departments.

Shelly Selvaraj, SVP, Chief Information Officer

Shelly Selvaraj is Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Dexcom. In this role, Shelly is responsible for the global information technology department at Dexcom. Prior to this role, Shelly served as Vice President, Information Technology since joining Dexcom in 2016. Shelly has a wide range of experience within global organizations in the fields of supply chain management, healthcare informatics and information technology.

Sadie Stern, EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer

Sadie Stern is Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Dexcom. In this role, Sadie is responsible for Dexcom’s People Strategy. She leads the Global Human Resources function, including Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Total Rewards; Talent Acquisition; Talent Development; Organization Effectiveness; and HR Operations. She also serves as the strategic business partner to Dexcom’s Executive Committee.

Jereme Sylvain, EVP, Chief Financial Officer

Jereme Sylvain is Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Dexcom. In this role, Jereme is responsible for Dexcom’s Finance organization and Investor Relations. He previously served as Dexcom’s Senior Vice President of Finance and Chief Accounting Officer and Vice President, Finance and Corporate Controller.

Customer insights

“Each person with diabetes has their own unique and deeply personal journey to figure out what works for them. I try to be transparent about what works for me to show that it’s possible to live your best life—and I’m passionate about people with diabetes getting the best care.” – Nick Jonas, Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Producer, and Philanthropist


“This tiny piece of technology gave us our lives back and gave us hope in the midst of this ugly disease. I used to be the stubborn one who never wanted anything attached to my body, and I know there are people out there who feel the same. I wish I could explain the peace this gave us. The power it gave us. And the knowledge it gave us. I don’t know how we ever lived without it.” – Keary and Zola, Diabetic Duo and Small Business Owners


“I’ve turned having diabetes into a positive, I’ve been able to do so many things because of it, like helping kids. On the flip side, I treat my body like a temple…I’m very diligent, I’ve never missed a practice or a game from this disease. It is something I thrive with, a chip on my shoulder, a drive, a passion and I think everybody needs that in life.”– Mark Andrews, Baltimore Ravens Tight End


“There’s the saying, ‘If it doesn’t kill you, it’ll make you stronger,'” Wylde says. “I believe that having diabetes has kept me on my toes. It keeps me in tune with my body and makes me appreciate the things I can do.” – Fiona Wylde, World Champion Waterwoman


“Diabetes has made me appreciate how much my body does for me, and what I would otherwise take for granted. I have had diabetes for my entire career as an international model, and it hasn’t once stopped me from walking runways, doing photo shoots, tv shows and campaigns. I bring to work everyday positivity and strength.” – Bambi Blythe, International Model


“Being diagnosed with diabetes helped me to become the person I am today. It is part of who I am. I consider my diagnosis to be a blessing because it has taught me discipline with diet and conditioning.” – Jordan Morris, Professional Soccer Player


“I want to be a hero and a role model, to kids in particular. I want to inspire and show people that living with Type 1 diabetes should not hold you back from following and achieving your dreams.” – Derek Theler, Professional Actor


“We’re never given anything we can’t handle — take what you’re given and use all the great technology available to stay healthy. Type 1 diabetes is not the end of the world. You can live life to the fullest. I’m living proof of that.” – Eric Paslay, Country Music Singer and Songwriter


“I make sure my car is running right, and I also make sure my body is running right with th help of my Dexcom system. My wife and team are also able to monitor my levels at any time!” – Charlie Kimball, Professional Race Car Driver


“Because of the Dexcom G6, I am competing all around the world and am hoping to make the Olympics in 2022 in Beijing China. The share feature has also been a huge asset. It is so amazing to know that when I am traveling by myself around the world, my friends and family are able to help me keep tabs on my diabetes!” – Lauren Salko, Professional Skier