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Alto Pharmacy is a cutting-edge healthcare technology company that is revolutionizing the way people access and manage their medications. Founded in 2015 by Mattieu Gamache-Asselin and currently headed by Alicia Boler Davis, the CEO of the company, Alto has quickly emerged as a leading player in the pharmacy industry, leveraging innovative technology to simplify the prescription fulfillment process and improve patient outcomes.

At Alto, the mission is clear, to fulfill and enhance the promise of pharmacy, empowering patients and healthcare providers alike. With a patient-centric approach, the company strives to create a seamless experience for individuals seeking convenient and personalized pharmaceutical care. 

Their unique platform integrates advanced software and a team of experienced pharmacists to offer a range of services that go beyond traditional brick-and-mortar pharmacies. Through their user-friendly app or website, patients can easily manage prescriptions, receive medication reminders, and consult with pharmacists, all from the comfort of their own homes. The platform also allows for seamless prescription transfers and works collaboratively with healthcare providers to ensure accurate and timely delivery of medications.

The company prioritizes building strong partnerships with healthcare providers. The company collaborates closely with physicians, clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations to optimize the prescription fulfillment process, enhance communication, and improve patient outcomes.

Their commitment to providing accessible and efficient healthcare solutions has led to the establishment of offices across the U.S. What started as a neighborhood pharmacy in San Francisco’s Mission District quickly bloomed into several branches in the United States of America. 

Moreover, they have garnered significant attention and support from notable investors, such as SoftBank Vision Fund and What If Venture, who recognize the company’s potential to transform the pharmaceutical industry. With this backing, they have been able to accelerate their research and development efforts, expand their product portfolio, and further their mission of improving patient outcomes and quality of life. In line with its expansion strategy, the company has made a very strategic acquisition, acquiring Round Health, which was acquired on August 23rd, 2017. This acquisition has strengthened its market position and contributed to its ongoing success

Staffed with dedicated professionals, they are strategically located to cater to regional needs and ensure the highest level of service and support, fulfilling their mission to create a better pharmaceutical company that can make a difference.

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Key Products

The Alto app, developed by Alto Pharmacy,, is a digital platform designed to streamline the prescription medication management process for patients. With the Alto app, users can conveniently access a range of features and services that enhance their overall medication experience.

Prescription Medication Delivery

Alto’s prescription medication delivery service is designed to provide a hassle-free experience for patients. By leveraging their online platform or mobile app, individuals can easily upload their prescriptions, select the desired medications, and have them delivered directly to their doorstep. This convenient service eliminates the need for physical trips to the pharmacy, which is especially beneficial for individuals with mobility challenges or those living in areas with limited access to local pharmacies. Through this, they strive to ensure timely and secure delivery, maintaining the integrity of the medications throughout the process.

Medication Management

Alto understands the importance of medication adherence and aims to simplify the process for patients. Their medication management solutions enable individuals to organize and track their medication schedules effectively. Users can input their prescriptions into the Alto app, set reminders for dosage times, and receive notifications to ensure they never miss a dose. Alto’s user-friendly interface provides a clear overview of medications, including dosage instructions and potential side effects, empowering patients to stay informed about their treatment plans. 

Prescription Transfers

Switching pharmacies or consolidating prescriptions can be a time-consuming process. However, Alto streamlines prescription transfers to make them seamless for patients. Their online platform or app allows individuals to initiate prescription transfers from other pharmacies with just a few simple steps. By simplifying this process, Alto aims to provide a more comprehensive and integrated approach to medication management, ensuring that patients have easy access to all their necessary medications in one place.

Insurance Coordination

Dealing with insurance coverage and copayments can often be confusing and frustrating. Alto understands this challenge and offers insurance coordination services to help patients navigate the complexities of their insurance benefits. By integrating with various insurance providers, Alto’s platform provides users with clear visibility into their coverage, copayments, and other relevant information. This assists patients in understanding their out-of-pocket costs and ensures a smooth claims process when filling their prescriptions.

Virtual Consultations

In addition to their delivery and management services, Alto may offer virtual consultations to further support patients in their medication journey. Through video calls or chat interfaces, individuals can connect with qualified pharmacists or healthcare professionals for personalized guidance and advice. These virtual consultations provide an opportunity for patients to ask questions about their medications, discuss any concerns or potential interactions, and receive professional recommendations tailored to their specific needs. This additional level of support enhances the overall patient experience and contributes to improved health outcomes.

Customer Insights

Alto has a 4.5-star rating on Yelp with over 1400 reviews, which demonstrates that its customers have provided positive insights and feedback. With a high rating, the company has demonstrated a strong reputation among its customers. Yelp is a popular platform where individuals can share their experiences and provide reviews about businesses and services they have utilized. The fact that Alto has received many positive reviews suggests that customers have had favorable experiences with the company’s services.

Customers who have shared their experiences have highlighted several positive aspects of Alto’s services. One recurring theme is the efficiency and reliability of their prescription delivery service. Customers appreciate the option to choose time blocks for delivery, including same-day options, which provide flexibility and convenience.

Communication is another aspect that customers have praised. Reviews mention that the company maintains useful and effective communication channels. For example, one customer mentioned leaving a message on the app for specific injection directions and receiving a prompt response. Additionally, the customer received a text message offering a cost-saving opportunity, demonstrating proactive communication and personalized care.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, customers have recognized the safety benefits of using Alto’s services. With the option for contactless delivery and reduced in-person interactions, customers appreciate the added safety measures that the company has implemented to protect their health during these challenging times. These customer insights reflect the overall satisfaction customers have experienced when utilizing Alto’s services. The positive reviews highlight the convenience, efficiency, effective communication, and safety measures offered by the company.


Customer Quotes


“Between the cost savings, the convenience, and the better care, Alto really is a better pharmacy”


“The experience with Alto has been truly life changing… I really rely on the service of a good pharmacy” – Nicole, Alto customer


“Same day delivery and my packages have come with fancy candies twice. Brings a smile to my face everytime” – Daniel O.


  • Founded: 2015

  • Headquarters: San Francisco, CA, U.S

  • Number of employees: 1000+

  • Offices: 11 across the U.S (San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Las Vegas, Seattle, Denver and Boulder Metro Areas, New York, Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth Metro Area and Austin)

  • Acquisition: 1 (RoundHealth on August 23, 2017)

Rating and Commentary

Alto has established itself as a notable player in the competitive healthcare sector, particularly in the pharmacy space. With a focus on innovation and customer-centric services, the company has garnered positive ratings and commendations from its customers. Notable investments from investors like SoftBank Venture highlight the confidence in Alto Pharmacy’s growth potential and ability to make a significant impact in the industry. Moreover, the company’s acquisition of Round Health in 2027 sheds light on its growth and expansion strategies.

Under the leadership of CEO Alicia Boler Davis, who succeeded co-founders Jamie Karraker and Mattieu Gamache-Asselin, Alto has flourished. Davis, an accomplished leader and an award-winning executive, brings her expertise and vision to guide the company toward success. Her appointment signifies the company’s commitment to strong leadership and industry excellence.

Despite competition from Amazon’s PillPack and Capsule, the company has carved out its place in the market. The company distinguishes itself through its patient-centric approach, affordability, and personalized care, which resonate with its customers. Their ability to deliver exceptional services and adapt to customer needs sets them apart from the competition.

Alto’s overall positive reception, strong leadership, and focus on customer satisfaction position the company well in the competitive pharmacy industry. As the company continues to innovate and expand, it aims to maintain its reputation as a trusted and preferred choice for pharmacy services.

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Key Executives

Alicia Boler Davis, CEO

With her extensive leadership experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the company after joining as CEO in September 2022. Before joining Alto, Davis held various executive positions at General Motors, including Executive Vice President of Global Manufacturing. She has a proven track record of driving operational excellence, innovation, and customer-centric strategies. As the CEO, Davis plays a vital role in shaping the company’s vision, driving growth, and delivering exceptional patient care.

Michael McClay, CTO

McClay joined Alto as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in July 2019. With a strong background in technology leadership, McClay is responsible for overseeing the company’s technology strategies and initiatives. He brings significant experience in building and scaling technology platforms, driving innovation, and enhancing the digital experience for customers. Moreover, McClay plays a crucial role in leveraging technology to optimize operations, improve customer experiences, and ensure the security and integrity of Alto Pharmacy’s digital infrastructure.

Dave Graybeal, Chief Supply Chain Officer

Graybeal joined Alto Pharmacy as the Chief Supply Chain Officer in January 2023. With extensive expertise in supply chain management, Graybeal leads the company’s supply chain operations and logistics. He is responsible for optimizing the end-to-end supply chain processes, including procurement, inventory management, and distribution. Furthermore, Graybeal’s focus is on ensuring the efficient and timely delivery of medications to Alto Pharmacy’s customers. His strategic leadership and industry knowledge contribute to the company’s ability to provide reliable and seamless medication fulfillment services.

Shannon Wilson, Chief People Officer

Joining in January 2023, with a strong background in human resources and people strategies, Wilson is responsible for overseeing the company’s people operations and initiatives. She focuses on talent acquisition, development, employee engagement, and creating a positive work culture. Wilson plays a key role in attracting and retaining top talent, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, and aligning the company’s workforce with its mission and values.

Organizational Insights

Alto has a rating of 3.2 stars out of 5 on Glassdoor, with 48% of employees recommending the company to their friends and 52% approving of the CEO. Employees consistently praise the company for its exceptional working environment and positive culture. The company’s commitment to consistently providing the best benefits to their customers is seen even in the way they talk to their employees. 

The company is recognized for its expansive thoughts and opportunities, setting it apart from other players in the digital industry. Service and quality give employees pride in their work and confidence in delivering value to clients. The company’s motto is to cater to all the medical needs of its customers, thus having a patient-centric approach. It helps passionate employees explore and innovate without any worry.

The feedback culture at Alto is characterized by a collaborative and progressive approach, the culture revolves around self-growth and guidance, which helps individuals embrace new challenges and continuously learn, creating an environment that fosters individual and collective improvement.

The company also provides ample opportunities for career growth and success. Employees appreciate the flat organizational structure, which allows for regular interaction with executive leaders and a more direct line of communication. This accessibility to top-level management fosters a sense of empowerment and engagement among employees. Moreover, the company provides several health benefits, including dental and vision care, along with maintaining a work-life balance with flexible days off for vacations. 

Board Members

Alex M. Azar II

In May 2023, Azar II, the 24th Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, joined Alto Pharmacy’s Board of Advisors. Secretary Azar brings a wealth of experience in both public health and the private sector. During his tenure as Secretary, he led the transformation of the U.S. healthcare system and spearheaded the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, he played a pivotal role in initiatives such as Operation Warp Speed, reducing drug prices, expanding telehealth, and improving healthcare quality. His commitment to the health of all Americans aligns with Alto Pharmacy’s mission and focus on patient outcomes.

Adam J. Fein, PhD

Fein is the CEO of Drug Channels Institute and joined Alto Pharmacy’s Board of Advisors in July 2022. As an expert in pharmaceutical economics and the drug distribution system, Dr Fein provides valuable insights into the industry. His expertise supports Alto’s commitment to delivering medications at the lowest possible prices and improving adherence rates. Additionally, his comprehensive understanding of pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), medication pricing, and the industry landscape contributes to Alto’s goal of providing affordable medication options and price transparency.

Harry L. Leider, MD

With over 25 years of experience as a senior healthcare executive, Dr. Leider joined Alto Pharmacy’s Board of Advisors. He currently serves as the Chief Medical Officer and Executive Vice President of Gelesis, a biopharmaceutical company. Dr Leider’s expertise spans various healthcare sectors, including telemedicine, retail healthcare, laboratory medicine, and payor strategies. His commitment to driving lasting change in the healthcare system aligns with Alto’s mission to improve patient health. Adding on, his clinical expertise and executive experience contribute to designing programs and services that enhance health outcomes.

Brad Fluegel

With over three decades of healthcare experience, Fluegel serves as a strategic advisor to organizations and entrepreneurs. He held key leadership positions, including Senior Vice President and Chief Healthcare Commercial Market Development Officer at Walgreen Co. Moreover, his expertise in strategic planning, operations, and corporate development enhances Alto Pharmacy’s ability to deliver an exceptional patient experience. His insights and guidance are valuable as Alto continues to grow and innovate.


What If Ventures

What If Ventures, a venture capital firm that focuses on investing in disruptive and high-growth companies across various sectors, participated in Alto Pharmacy’s Series E funding round, where the company raised $200 million. They seek out innovative businesses with the potential to create transformative impact and provide strategic support to help them scale. By investing in Alto, they recognized the company’s potential to revolutionize the pharmacy industry through its digital platform and patient-centered approach.

SoftBank Vision Fund

SoftBank Vision Fund, one of the world’s largest technology investment funds, led Alto’s Series E funding round. With a focus on transformative and innovative companies, they provide substantial financial backing to fuel their growth. The Fund is designed to be a catalyst for technological progress in anticipation that it will expand SoftBank’s capabilities, accelerating progress towards SoftBank 2.0. By leading the funding round and committing a significant investment, the company expressed confidence in Alto’s mission and potential to disrupt the healthcare industry. Their support positions Alto for expansion and the development of new initiatives.

Key Milestones

  • On 22 May 22, 2023, Secretary Alex M. Azar II joins Alto’s board of advisors

  • Dave Graybeal and Shannon Wilson join Alto’s key executives in January 2023.

  • On June 30, 2022, Alicia Boler Davis became the CEO 

  • On January 27, 2022, Alto Pharmacy Raises $200 Million Series E, Driven by Strong Growth and Expansion

  • In 2021, Alto to launch its top-rated pharmacy services in San Diego and Austin, bringing total markets served to twelve across the US

  • On November 9, 2021, Alto launched Industry’s First Mobile App for Doctors’ Offices 

News and Press Releases

  • May 11, 2023: Alto Pharmacy is looking to make a deal (Read)

  • January 17, 2023: JPMorgan Chase Elects Alicia Boler Davis to its Board of Directors (Read)

  • October 28, 2023: Alto is working to tackle a $300-billion-a-year prescription drug crisis (Read)

  • December 28, 2021: New York City Partners with Alto Pharmacy to Distribute COVID-19 Antivirals (Read)


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Bainbridge Health specializes in medication safety solutions, focusing on reducing adverse drug events and improving patient outcomes. They offer technology-driven tools and analytics to healthcare organizations, helping them identify and mitigate medication-related risks. Bainbridge Health’s software provides real-time insights and alerts to prevent errors, enhance medication management processes, and improve overall patient safety.

CVS Health

CVS Health is a prominent retail pharmacy chain with a nationwide presence. In addition to offering prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs, CVS Health provides various healthcare services. They operate pharmacies within their stores where customers can fill prescriptions, receive medication counseling, and access a range of healthcare products. CVS Health’s MinuteClinic locations offer walk-in medical services, including vaccinations, minor illness treatment, and preventive care.


Capsule is a digital pharmacy platform focused on delivering a seamless and customer-centric pharmacy experience. They leverage technology to provide convenient prescription delivery services, including same-day options in select areas. Capsule’s mobile app enables users to easily manage their prescriptions, set medication reminders, and communicate with their pharmacy team. Their commitment to personalized customer support, along with features like proactive refills and medication synchronization, aims to enhance medication adherence and overall convenience for patients.

PillPack (An Amazon Company)

PillPack, acquired by Amazon, is an online pharmacy that simplifies medication management for customers. They provide pre-sorted medication packaging, known as PillPacks, which organizes a patient’s medications by dosage and time of administration. PillPack handles prescription transfers, coordinates refills, and delivers medications directly to the customer’s doorstep. Their customer service team is available for medication counseling and support. The backing of Amazon provides PillPack with resources and infrastructure to streamline operations and expand its reach.

Corporate Responsibility

Alto places a strong emphasis on corporate responsibility, driven by a commitment to patient care, equity, sustainability, and community engagement. The company’s corporate responsibility efforts have evolved, as reflected in its mission, values, and initiatives.

Alto’s primary focus is on providing exceptional care and services to patients. They strive to deliver a personalized, convenient, and supportive pharmacy experience that prioritizes patient well-being and outcomes. By placing patients at the center of their operations, they aim to enhance medication adherence, empower individuals to manage their health effectively, and foster trust in their healthcare journey.

Additionally, they are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and diverse work environment. They recognize the importance of diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences in driving innovation and better serving their patients and communities. The company values fairness, respect, and equal opportunities for all employees, aiming to create an inclusive culture where everyone feels valued, empowered, and supported.

Furthermore, the company acknowledges its responsibility to minimize its environmental impact. While specific initiatives may not be outlined, they strive to implement sustainable practices, such as eco-friendly packaging materials, proper medication disposal, and waste reduction efforts. By prioritizing sustainability, they contribute to the preservation of the environment and the well-being of future generations.

Alto also actively engages with the communities it serves, seeking to make a positive impact beyond its core services. They partner with organizations and initiatives that align with their mission, promoting health and wellness, supporting education and awareness programs, and addressing healthcare disparities. By engaging with local communities, Alto aims to foster positive change and contribute to the well-being of society at large.

Their commitment to corporate responsibility is reflected in their mission and values, which guide their decision-making and actions. They continuously evolve their practices and initiatives to align with their vision of transforming healthcare and improving patient outcomes.