These Two Companies are Propelling Performance-Guided Surgery

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Asensus Surgical, Inc., a trailblazing medical device company, has joined forces with NVIDIA, a global leader in artificial intelligence and accelerated computing. This strategic partnership aims to revolutionize surgical procedures through the development of the Intelligent Surgical UnitTM (ISUTM), ushering in a new era of Performance-Guided surgery.

Since 2021, Asensus's ISU has been at the forefront of surgical innovation, providing real-time augmented intelligence features like digital tagging, 3D measurement, and improved camera control, all run on cutting-edge accelerated processing technology from NVIDIA. Now, with this new collaboration, Asensus intends to further enhance the ISU's capabilities, particularly in the realms of machine vision, image analytics, and augmented intelligence processing speed and precision.

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Anthony Fernando, President and CEO of Asensus Surgical, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "We’re excited to work with NVIDIA to improve the ISU’s machine vision, image analytics, and augmented intelligence processing speed and precision." He emphasized that the utilization of NVIDIA's advanced technologies will not only bolster the ISU's augmented intelligence capabilities but will also fuel their innovative clinical application roadmap.

This partnership grants both Asensus and NVIDIA early access to each other's product roadmaps, facilitating seamless integration of their technologies for synergistic development. Furthermore, the collaboration aims to establish new business models for the development, deployment, and commercialization of digital surgical solutions.

David Niewolny, Director of Healthcare Business Development at NVIDIA, underscored the significance of digital surgery in the healthcare industry. He emphasized how NVIDIA's Holoscan, a domain-specific full-stack edge AI computing platform, empowers medtech innovators to optimize real-time data and image processing, ultimately enhancing surgical decision-making. The ISU, as a premier FDA-approved soft-tissue abdominal surgery solution, serves as an ideal platform to leverage NVIDIA's software-defined architecture, enabling accelerated innovation and faster product delivery to surgeons through software-as-a-medical-device applications.

Asensus Surgical is dedicated to pioneering Performance-Guided Surgery by unlocking surgeons' clinical intelligence to achieve consistently superior outcomes. Through the digitization of the surgeon-patient interface and the development of cutting-edge technologies like the LUNATM Surgical System, Asensus aims to address clinical, cognitive, and economic challenges that impact surgical outcomes and value-based healthcare.

By integrating machine vision, augmented intelligence, and deep learning into the surgical experience, Asensus Surgical is poised to redefine the standard of surgery. Through this transformative partnership with NVIDIA, the future of surgical procedures looks brighter than ever, promising not only improved surgical precision but also a higher quality of care for patients worldwide. Together, Asensus and NVIDIA are at the forefront of a medical revolution that is set to shape the future of surgical practice.