Thermo Fisher Collaborates with Multiply Labs to Automate Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Thermo Fisher Scientific announced its collaboration with Multiply Labs, a robotics company that integrates robotic technology into its advanced cell therapy instruments. Through this partnership, Thermo Fisher's industry-leading instruments, including the Heracell VIOS Automated Access CO2 Incubator and the CTS Rotea Counterflow Centrifugation System, can now be fully automated for cell therapy manufacturing. The automated Heracell VIOS Incubator allows parallel hosting of up to 18 products using G-Rex100M bioreactors, a significant increase over traditional manual manufacturing. The collaboration aims to support reduced costs, accelerated production timelines, and improved scalability, facilitating the delivery of innovative cell therapies to a broader patient population.

With Multiply Labs' robotic technology, Thermo Fisher enhances throughput and reduces labor costs, as critical processes can be executed by a single manufacturing operator. This automated workflow offers efficiency advantages, requiring less space (400-500 sq ft) compared to traditional manual processes (1000-2000 sq ft). Xavier De Mollerat Du Jeu, Senior Director of Research and Development at Thermo Fisher, emphasized the goal of establishing a seamlessly automated, plug-and-play process for cell therapy manufacturing. Fred Parietti, CEO of Multiply Labs, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration's potential impact on advancing the realization of cell therapy for the benefit of patients.

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