Theken Companies Acquire VisionAir Solutions to Enhance Patient Care

In a significant development in the field of medical technology, Akron-based medical device company Theken Companies has announced its acquisition of VisionAir Solutions from the Cleveland Clinic. This strategic move marks a significant step forward in advancing patient care and improving the quality of life for those suffering from central airway obstruction (CAO).

VisionAir Solutions, renowned for its groundbreaking 3D-design technology, specializes in creating patient-specific airway stents. These innovative stents have the potential to revolutionize patient care by extending the stent lifespan, reducing complications, and significantly increasing the intervention time.

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The cornerstone of VisionAir Solutions' groundbreaking technology is the VisionAir 3D Patient-Specific Stent. This state-of-the-art solution allows pulmonologists to harness the power of 3D design to customize airway stents according to individual patient needs. By inputting patient scans into the VisionAir 3D Stent Architect cloud software, doctors can receive a tailor-made silicone stent in a matter of days. This customized approach reduces the drawbacks associated with traditional, stock silicone stents, which have a limited lifespan of approximately 60 days. Remarkably, VisionAir's patient-specific stents can last for years, although they are FDA-approved for one year of use.

The impact of VisionAir's technology extends to a broad range of patients, including those as young as 22 years old suffering from symptomatic central airway obstruction. These 3D stents can be placed anywhere within the airway accessible by a rigid bronchoscope, offering a level of adaptability and precision previously unattainable with conventional silicone Y-stents that come in standard sizes and dimensions.

The acquisition of VisionAir Solutions by Theken Companies has been met with enthusiasm, with the company's founder, Randy Theken, expressing his admiration for VisionAir's technology developed at the Cleveland Clinic. He emphasized that this advancement significantly enhances stent lifespan and patient quality of life. Moreover, Mr. Theken highlighted the potential for applying this technology to other medical devices, thus expanding its positive impact on healthcare.

Thomas Gildea, MD, FCCP, FACP, inventor of VisionAir Solutions and head of its Clinical Advisory Team at Cleveland Clinic, expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration. He stated, "We're pleased to work with Randy Theken and the new VisionAir team. They support our goal of providing breakthrough technologies to as many patients as possible." The Cleveland Clinic, which originally owned VisionAir Solutions, will continue to receive royalty payments and commercialization revenues for its pioneering technology. Notably, VisionAir will continue to develop and produce the stents, with Dr. Gildea and other Cleveland Clinic inventors entitled to royalty payments and commercialization earnings.

This strategic move promises to have a far-reaching impact on the fields of medical technology and patient care.