The Top 25 Medical Device Companies of 2024

The Healthcare Technology Report is pleased to announce The Top 25 Medical Device Companies of 2024. In recent decades, breakthroughs in medical device technology, from remote health monitoring to the rise of AI, have played a pivotal role in shaping the healthcare field as a whole. Recent reports by GlobalData predict that by 2030, innovation will be the deciding factor in the success of leading medical device companies. From notable corporations to exciting new enterprises, the trailblazers on this list have prioritized innovation while creating impactful solutions that are used everywhere, from homes to hospitals.

Among this year’s awardees is GE HealthCare, who, for over a century, has enhanced hospital efficiency while using its innovative therapies to promote patient care. Furthermore, we’re honored to recognize Insulet, a company dedicated to simplifying the lives of people living with diabetes, originally stemming from a father’s desire to free his son from daily injections. Lastly, we have Aspen, a leader in innovative orthotics and a transformative force in the medical bracing industry, currently servicing over 70 percent of Level I/Level II Trauma Centers in the United States.

The awardees on this year’s list have emerged from an extensive field of innovators, solidifying themselves as cutting-edge changemakers. By utilizing technology to drive patient care forward, they’re directly impacting peoples’ lives for the better by extending lifespans and increasing quality of life. Please join us in recognizing the accomplishments of The Top 25 Medical Device Companies of 2024


1. GE HealthCare

GE Healthcare, headquartered in Chicago, IL, is a global leader in medical technology and pharmaceutical diagnostics, focusing on innovation in digital solutions, while envisioning “possibilities through innovation.” For over a century, the $18.3 billion company, employing 50,000 individuals, has aimed to create a healthcare environment without limits. GE Healthcare's mission is to enhance hospital efficiency, empower clinicians, and ensure precise therapies while promoting patient well-being. The company’s extensive product line includes everything from ultrasound equipment to ventilators and patient monitoring solutions, now serving over 1 billion patients annually.

In recent strategic moves, the acquisition of MIM Software has strengthened GE Healthcare's position in medical imaging analysis and artificial intelligence solutions. Collaborations with Nantworks AirStrip and FDA clearance for on-device triage capabilities in Critical Care Suite underscore GE Healthcare's commitment to advancing integrated patient monitoring, cardiac data visualization, and critical care diagnostics. These efforts align with the company's vision to simplify the patient journey by offering personalized, connected, and compassionate care across the healthcare continuum while shaping a new age of patient care.


2. Jabil Healthcare

Jabil, a global manufacturing company with over 50 years of experience, prioritizes client solutions, serving 300 leading brands worldwide and catering to various sectors, including healthcare, packaging, smartphones, cloud equipment, automotive, and home appliances. Their global reach expands across 100 locations in 30 countries, with over 200,000 employees worldwide, solidifying them as the largest global provider of healthcare solutions. While manufacturing is at the company’s core, it has additional expertise in global supply chain and logistics, automation, product design, and engineering solutions, with the ability to combine these into holistic solutions for their clients.

In a recent development, Jabil expanded its digital commerce capabilities in Chihuahua, Mexico, with aims of becoming a hub for manufacturing excellence. Jabil Healthcare currently boasts over 50 million square feet of manufacturing space and over 27,000 supplier relationships. Additionally, the company collaborated with fintech leader Revolut to enhance the development and production of an innovative mobile payment mPOS (mobile point of sale) solution. Through these strategic moves, Jabil underscores its adaptability and collaborative approach, solidifying its position as a significant player in global manufacturing and technological advancement.


3. Integra LifeSciences

Integra LifeSciences, headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey is a world leading company committed to innovating new treatment pathways and restoring patients’ lives through unique technologies in surgical, neurologic and regenerative care. The Company began in 1989 with the acquisition of an engineered collagen technology platform used to repair and regenerate tissue. Integra has developed numerous product lines from this technology for applications ranging from burn and deep tissue wounds to the repair of nerves, tendons and dura mater in the brain.

Today, Integra LifeSciences has grown immensely, with 3,700 employees worldwide as well as offices, manufacturing, and research facilities in Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. Integra products are ubiquitous in many hospital intensive care units and operating rooms around the world. And some of its leading brands include AmnioExcel®, Aurora®, Bactiseal®, BioD™, CerebroFlo®, CereLink® Certas® Plus, Codman®, CUSA®, Cytal®, DuraGen®, DuraSeal®, DuraSorb®, Gentrix®, ICP Express®, Integra®, Licox®, MAYFIELD®, MediHoney®, MicroFrance®, MicroMatrix®, NeuraGen®, NeuraWrap™, PriMatrix®, SurgiMend®, TCC-EZ® and VersaTru®.


4. Penumbra

Penumbra, Inc., a global healthcare company based in Alameda, California, is dedicated to innovative therapies. With 2500 employees, the company is focused on transforming the treatment landscape for challenging medical conditions worldwide. Penumbra's portfolio addresses significant unmet needs and is recognized by the iconic Penumbra logo.

Headquartered in California, Penumbra directly serves hospitals and healthcare providers in the United States, Europe, Canada, and Australia. The company also employs a network of distributors to reach select international markets. Penumbra emphasizes a collaborative work environment, where every team member's ideas contribute to the company's mission of revolutionizing the treatment of medical conditions.

A recent milestone in Penumbra's journey is the expansion of its offerings with Lightning Bolt 7 Technology. This technology, designed for the rapid removal of blood clots through modulated aspiration, underscores the company's commitment to advancing healthcare solutions.


5. Masimo

Joe Kiani founded Masimo in 1989 as a private "garage start-up" company. Today, this publicly traded company employs more than 8,000 people worldwide, with its headquarters established in Irvine, CA. As a global medical technology company known for its monitoring technologies, Masimo specializes in the development of measurements, sensors, patient monitors, and automation solutions. Masimo is committed to enhancing life, improving patient outcomes, and reducing healthcare costs. The company's flagship technology, Masimo SET® Measure-through Motion and Low Perfusion™ pulse oximetry, introduced in 1995, has consistently outperformed other pulse oximetry technologies in over 100 independent studies.

Used on over 200 million patients worldwide, Masimo SET® is the primary pulse oximetry in 9 of the top 10 hospitals according to the 2022-23 U.S. News and World Report. Beyond pulse oximetry, Masimo has expanded its portfolio to include rainbow® Pulse CO-Oximetry technology, the Root® Patient Monitoring and Connectivity Platform, and a diverse range of continuous and spot-check monitoring devices. Additionally, Masimo's automation and connectivity solutions, coupled with a growing health and wellness portfolio, showcase the company's commitment to advancing healthcare globally.


6. Globus Medical

Globus Medical is committed to providing innovative technologies and industry-leading clinical support to help surgeons and healthcare providers deliver better care around the globe. The company provides one of the most comprehensive offerings of musculoskeletal solutions and enabling technologies to impact the care continuum. Globus Medical employees are relentlessly focused on advancing patient care.

In February 2023, Globus Medical acquired NuVasive, resulting in the most innovative company in the spine industry. The combination brings together two leading companies with a shared vision of improving the lives of more patients worldwide through unparalleled product development and best-in-class service. NuVasive’s flagship lateral spine procedure, XLIF, has experienced two decades of unmatched clinical validation represented by an incredible body of evidence on the procedure. The success of XLIF continues to guide future procedural innovation rooted in true surgeon partnership, research, and education.

Globus Medical also continues to lead the robotics industry with an evolving Excelsius™ ecosystem. In 2022, the first surgeries were performed with Excelsius3D™, an intelligent, intraoperative 3-in-1 imaging platform. Combined with the ExcelsiusGPS® robotic navigation platform, surgeons can more efficiently perform surgery with minimally invasive techniques and provide leading-edge technology to patients. So far, over 20,000 procedures have utilized ExcelsiusGPS.


7. MidMark Corporation

Established in 1915, Midmark Corporation is a leader in transforming healthcare experiences across medical, dental, and animal health settings. With over 2,200 professionals globally, Midmark enhances caregiver-patient interactions through innovative technology integration and streamlined workflows. The company focuses on clinical environmental design that results in better patient care, in addition to more positive operational and financial outcomes. Its headquarters in Versailles, Ohio, houses critical facilities like the Midmark Experience Center, Design Center, and Technology Center. With 11 U.S. locations, four innovation hubs, and subsidiaries in India and Italy, Midmark is a prominent player in healthcare solutions.

For over 50 years, Midmark has empowered physicians and care teams to deliver exceptional patient care through seamless room design, advanced equipment, and integrated technologies. By harmonizing space, technology, and workflow, the company consistently focuses on improving clinical outcomes and eliminating barriers to well-coordinated patient care. Notably, Midmark introduced the Digital Vital Signs Device Exergen Upgrade Kit, which enables users to enhance existing units with Exergen TemporalScanner thermometry — a solution that showcases Midmark's commitment to cutting-edge healthcare technologies.


8. Insulet

Since 2000, Insulet Corporate has been on a mission to enhance the lives of individuals with diabetes and other conditions through its innovative Omnipod product platform. Headquartered in Massachusetts, this pioneering medical device company has offices in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, China, Mexico, Australia, and U.A.E., with products available in 24 countries. The Omnipod Insulin Management System revolutionizes traditional insulin delivery methods with its wearable, disposable Pod, offering up to three days of needle-free insulin delivery.

A flagship advancement, the Omnipod 5 Automated Insulin Delivery System, is a tubeless solution seamlessly integrated with a continuous glucose monitor, enabling blood sugar management without multiple daily injections or fingersticks. Notably, this system can be effortlessly controlled through a compatible smartphone or the Omnipod 5 Controller.

Moreover, Insulet extends its impact beyond diabetes care by adapting the Pod's unique design for the delivery of non-insulin subcutaneous drugs across various therapeutic areas. Recent achievements include the full market release of the Omnipod 5 in Germany and FDA clearance for Omnipod GO™, a groundbreaking basal-only insulin pod catering to individuals with Type 2 Diabetes, exemplifying Insulet's commitment to simplifying and advancing healthcare solutions.


9. Zynex

Zynex headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, is a dynamic and influential player in the medical device industry, and a global leader in the pain management realm. Founded in 1996 by Thomas Sandgaard, this publicly listed company has steadily grown to encompass over 1100 dedicated employees. The company’s mission revolves around enhancing the quality of life for patients grappling with debilitating pain or illness, achieving this goal through its innovative medical devices that address a wide spectrum of healthcare needs.

Zynex operates through three specialized subsidiaries, each contributing to the company’s comprehensive healthcare offerings. Zynex Medical is at the forefront of providing electrotherapy products designed for home use. These products have received FDA clearance and are commercialized to fulfill the company’s mission of improving the lives of individuals dealing with impaired mobility due to conditions like stroke, spinal cord injury, or chronic pain. Zynex Monitoring Solutions focuses on the development of cardiac monitoring products specifically tailored for hospital usage. Their solutions play a crucial role in monitoring patients’ heart health and ensuring timely interventions when necessary. Additionally, Zynex NeuroDiagnostics concentrates on creating cutting-edge devices for EMG (Electromyography) and EEG (Electroencephalography) diagnostic purposes within the neurology clinic market. These devices aid in the accurate diagnosis and treatment of neurological conditions.

The company’s expansion efforts have included strategic acquisitions such as NeuroDyne Medical and Kestrel Labs. Zynex’s global presence, world-class technology, and unwavering dedication to service standards make it a premier manufacturer and distributor of devices crucial for pain management, physical rehabilitation, neurological diagnosis, and cardiac monitoring on a global scale.


10. Merit Medical Systems

Established in 1987, Merit Medical Systems is a significant player in the medical devices industry, specializing in proprietary disposable medical devices. The company is headquartered in South Jordan, UT and boasts a global presence, employing over 7,100 individuals, including a substantial domestic and international sales force and clinical support team. Merit Medical Systems has numerous specialties under its umbrella, ranging from technologies that have transformed patient care when it comes to surgery, radiology, oncology, nephrology, and more.

Recently, Merit Medical expanded its Maestro® Microcatheter Line, introducing a longer length designed for radial embolization procedures. The Maestro is a key component of Merit's comprehensive embolotherapy solutions, featuring the widely studied Embosphere® Microspheres. In addition to product expansions, Merit Medical strategically acquired the Dialysis Catheter Portfolio and the BioSentry® Biopsy Tract Sealant System from AngioDynamics, Inc. Furthermore, the company acquired the Surfacer® Inside-Out® Access Catheter System from Bluegrass Vascular Technologies, Inc. Overall, Merit Medical has experienced a 20 percent year-over-year growth rate, with these acquisitions underlining Merit's commitment to advancing medical solutions and expanding at-home treatment options for a broader patient base.


11. Bio-Techne

With a global workforce of over 2,200 employees, Bio-Techne Corporation aims to empower researchers in Life Science and Clinical Diagnostics by providing high-quality reagents, instruments, custom manufacturing, and testing services. Notably, Bio-Techne specializes in cytokines, growth factors, antibodies, immunoassays, small molecule compounds, tissue culture reagents, and T-Cell activation technologies for cell and gene therapy workflows, and is a leading developer and manufacturer of purified proteins. Bio-Techne's Protein Sciences Segment includes protein analysis solutions under the ProteinSimple brand, providing researchers with automated Western blot and multiplexed ELISA workflows.

In addition to its Protein Sciences offerings, Bio-Techne manufactures diagnostic products such as FDA-regulated controls, calibrators, and clinical chemistry controls. The company's Diagnostics and Genomics Segment features advanced tissue-based in situ hybridization assays (ISH) and clinical molecular diagnostic oncology assays, including the ExoDx®Prostate (IntelliScore) test (EPI) for prostate cancer diagnosis.

Bio-Techne's products play a crucial role in scientific investigations, aiding in drug discovery and facilitating accurate clinical tests. The company reported approximately $714 million in net sales in fiscal 2019, solidifying its position in disease exploration and diagnostic solution development.


12. Tandem Diabetes Care

Based in San Diego, California, Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc., is a global leader in insulin delivery and diabetes technology, creating new possibilities for diabetes management through automated insulin delivery systems. The company’s 2000 employees focus on improving the lives of those living with diabetes through its human-centered approach, and empathy for their daily experiences. Tandem's main product, the t:slim X2 insulin pump with Control-IQ technology, exemplifies this commitment. Their partnership with other industry leaders, from leading artificial pancreas researchers to companies who focus on improved diabetic therapies, also highlight their goal of making a difference in the lives of people who have diabetes.

Recent FDA clearance of the Tandem Mobi insulin pump expanded the company’s range of product offerings. Designed for individuals aged six and above, it is notably the world's smallest durable automated insulin delivery system, controllable through a mobile app. Tandem Diabetes Care has also achieved milestones by integrating its t:slim X2 Insulin Pump with Abbott's FreeStyle Libre 2 Plus Sensor and introducing software that integrates with Dexcom G7 CGM in the United States. Tandem's direct focus on innovation and user-centric solutions positions it as a key player in advancing global diabetes care.


13. AtriCure

AtriCure, headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, is a leader in innovative technologies for treating Atrial Fibrillation (Afib) and related conditions, and has established itself as a trusted choice for electrophysiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons globally. With millions of individuals worldwide affected by this condition, the company has a steadfast commitment to innovation, clinical science, and education. Having served over 540,000 patients worldwide, trained over 3,000 healthcare professionals, and sold products in approximately 60 countries, their passion and expertise is evident in the work they do. The company has seen 200 issued patents and over 500,000 AtriClip devices sold as it continues to shape cardiac care globally with its groundbreaking solutions. AtriCure strives to reduce the global Afib epidemic through its innovations.

Known for delivering effective solutions, AtriCure's Isolator® Synergy™ Ablation System is the first FDA-approved device for persistent Afib treatment. The AtriClip Left Atrial Appendage Exclusion System is widely adopted globally for LAA management. Their Hybrid AF™ Therapy, a minimally invasive procedure, offers a lasting solution for long-standing persistent Afib. The cryoICE cryoSPHERE® probe, cleared for temporary nerve ablation, alleviates pain in cardiac and thoracic procedures.


14. Endologix

Endologix LLC, a California-based global medical device company, is dedicated to enhancing patient lives through innovative therapies that are centered around vascular disease intervention. Through unwavering persistence, Endologix aims to create game-changing therapies that empower physicians, improve patients' lives, and transform the field in its entirety. Wholly owned by Deerfield Management, a healthcare-focused investment firm, Endologix operates out of offices and manufacturing sites in Irvine, Milpitas, and Santa Rosa, California. Its therapeutic portfolio addresses clinically relevant unmet needs, featuring products like the AFX®2 Endovascular AAA System, ALTO® Abdominal Stent Graft System, and the DETOUR™ System. These offerings effectively treat a range of vascular diseases, from abdominal aortic aneurysms to lower limb peripheral vascular disease.

Endologix prioritizes meticulous product design, manufacturing, and training, yielding excellent clinical outcomes supported by industry-leading evidence. With a commitment to advancing healthcare, Endologix’s goal is to provide physicians with optimal devices for individual patients. Recent recognition from the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, granting a Transitional Pass-Through Payment for the DETOUR™ System, reinforces their dedication to pioneering medical solutions.


15. Aspen

As a leader in the design, development, and marketing of orthotics, Aspen’s core philosophy is to innovate and advance clinically-based solutions focused on serving the needs of healthcare professionals and enhancing patients’ lives. Headquartered in Irvine, CA with sales representation worldwide, Aspen has transformed the medical bracing industry with market-leading solutions designed for motion control, pain management, and postural alignment. From its inception, Aspen brought its innovative Aspen Cervical Collar to market, which inspired change and numerous breakthroughs in the industry as a whole.

For 30 years, Aspen has focused on spine innovation, advancing patient care, and providing value-driven solutions to healthcare professionals. Its research-driven design has resulted in a comprehensive product line that addresses a wide range of conditions. From providing therapeutic motion restriction to reducing skin breakdown and muscle spasms, Aspen’s products drive the industry standard in spinal bracing in terms of quality, design, and outcome. Aspen recently launched the VRTX System, the first off-the-shelf cervical to sacrum spine system. The company is servicing over 70 percent of Level I/Level II Trauma Centers in the United States.


16. Shockwave Medical (tie)

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Shockwave Medical is a medical device company dedicated to revolutionizing the treatment of calcified cardiovascular disease. In 2009, the company’s founders, Daniel Hawkins, John Adams, and Todd Brinton, combined forces and eventually transformed interventional therapy for calcified cardiovascular disease. Specializing in the development and commercialization of innovative products, the company is committed to establishing a new standard of care for atherosclerotic cardiovascular conditions. Shockwave's proprietary technology, known as 'Intravascular Lithotripsy,' involves the localized delivery of sonic pressure waves to treat calcified plaque.

Drawing inspiration from the proven safety and efficacy of kidney stone treatment over three decades, Shockwave Medical's Intravascular Lithotripsy catheters represent a breakthrough in addressing advanced cardiovascular disease. By employing sonic pressure waves, these catheters selectively target hard tissue, disrupting calcium while sparing soft tissue. The integrated balloon catheter then gently dilates calcified lesions at low pressure, effectively restoring blood flow. With a focus on transforming the landscape of cardiovascular interventions, Shockwave Medical stands at the forefront of cutting-edge medical solutions and has made a substantial impact in the field.


16. Varex Imaging (tie)

Varex Imaging Corporation, headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT, is the world’s largest supplier of medical X-ray tubes and image processing solutions. Eimac Products, a company with over 75 years of history and best known for producing transmitter tubes, merged with Varian in 1965. From that, Varex Imaging was created as a “spin off” enterprise in 2017. The company is dedicated to producing essential components for X-ray imaging systems. Varex's product portfolio includes X-ray tubes, detectors, high-voltage connectors, and advanced software solutions, serving applications from medical imaging to cargo screening and border security. Its offerings are focused on detecting, protecting, and diagnosing.

Focused on harnessing the power of X-ray energy, Varex collaborates with global manufacturers to pioneer advances in the field. Its suite of products encompass ionization chambers, mammography paddles, automatic exposure control systems, digital imaging buckies, and post-processing software, with an emphasis on integrating AI algorithms. Varex Imaging Corporation's overarching goal is to empower customers as world-class system suppliers, enhancing competitiveness and accelerating time-to-market for their products. The company's commitment revolves around contributing to the success of its partners while positively impacting the lives of millions worldwide.


17. Acumed

Acumed, rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit of founders Mary and Randy Huebner, traces its origins to the establishment of Accurate Machine and Design in Butler, NJ. What originated as a small family business eventually transformed into a global enterprise. The company was initially tasked with crafting implant prototypes, with its mission expanding significantly once it relocated to Oregon in 1991. Driven by the goal of “innovation with purpose,” the launch of the Oregon Fixation Screw marked a pivotal moment, propelling Acumed into a trajectory of continuous growth and diversification. Now headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon, Acumed stands as a global leader in medical device solutions. Since 1999, Acumed was part of the Marmon Group, later joining the Colson Associates group in 2002. Acumed boasts a vast product portfolio, with over 90% of its implants proudly manufactured in the U.S.

Through a commitment to innovation and quality, Acumed has earned its position as a trusted name in the healthcare community. Recent developments, including the acquisition of ExsoMed and the launch of Acutrak 3 and Ulna Nail 2, highlight Acumed's dedication to expanding its upper extremity solutions, further embodying its founders' vision of meeting the diverse needs of healthcare stakeholders worldwide.


18. MiMedx

MIMEDX, a pioneer in placental biologics, based in Marietta, GA, is a leader in innovative healthcare solutions for both patients and professionals. With over a decade of expertise in managing chronic and challenging wounds, MIMEDX is dedicated to offering a leading portfolio in wound care, burn treatment, and surgical recovery. Its aim of “helping humans heal” is the driving force behind the company’s passion, drive, and innovative technologies. The product offerings provide healing solutions that restore a patient’s quality of life and dramatically influence the field as a whole.

As an industry leader in advanced wound care, MIMEDX specializes in developing and distributing human placental tissue allografts. Employing patent-protected processes, including the proprietary PURION® methodology, the company ensures the production of high-quality allografts through aseptic processing and terminal sterilization. Having supplied over two million allografts through various shipment methods, MIMEDX continues to make significant contributions to healthcare. The recent launch of EPIEFFECT™, featuring a thick, tri-layer configuration suitable for securing grafts with sutures, further solidifies MIMEDX's commitment to providing treatment options for deep or tunneling wounds.


19. Tegra Medical

Tegra Medical is a key player in the medical device industry, priding itself on being the place where “medical devices come to life,” while providing comprehensive contract manufacturing solutions. Headquartered in Franklin, Massachusetts, with manufacturing facilities across Massachusetts, Mississippi, Costa Rica, Europe, and Asia, the company is recognized for its end-to-end services. Tegra Medical excels in the production of complex components and finished devices, offering services such as manufacturing, assembly, sterilization, and packaging—all in adherence to ISO 13485 and FDA standards.

As a member of SFS, Tegra Medical specializes in the manufacturing of finished medical devices and intricate components, including surgical instruments, needles, and implants. Formed in 2007 through the amalgamation of four established firms with deep roots in the medical device manufacturing industry, Tegra Medical became the nucleus of the SFS Medical Division following its acquisition by SFS in 2016. With a legacy spanning decades, Tegra Medical continues to be a trusted industry leader, contributing significantly to the evolution and progress of medical manufacturing. By integrating both common and unique technologies, the company has been able to set itself apart in the field.


20. Pulmonx

Pulmonx Corporation is a global leader in minimally invasive treatments for severe lung disease. Headquartered in Redwood City, California and Neuchâtel, Switzerland, the company is renowned for its breakthrough technology, the Zephyr® Endobronchial Valve. Having received FDA pre-market approval, this valve is commercially available in over 25 countries, and more than 100,000 valves have been utilized to treat upwards of 25,000 patients with severe emphysema/COPD. Through its innovative technologies and treatments, Pulmonx has helped patients improve their lung functions, increase their exercise capacity, reduce moments of breathlessness, and improve their overall health.

Pulmonx's portfolio includes the Zephyr Valve, Chartis® Pulmonary Assessment System, and StratX® Lung Analysis Platform. The FDA's recognition of the Zephyr Valve as a "breakthrough device" underscores its significance in providing bronchoscopic lung volume reduction without surgery, offering a clinically meaningful advantage over conventional treatments. Over 100 scientific articles validate the clinical benefits of Pulmonx's interventions, comprising meta-analyses, review articles, cost-effectiveness analyses, and risk-benefit analyses. With a commitment to transforming the lives of patients worldwide, Pulmonx Corporation continues to drive advancements in minimally invasive solutions for severe lung diseases.


21. Cadwell

Since its establishment in 1979, Cadwell has grown into a global leader with over 110 professionals based out of its headquarters in Kennewick, WA. Founded by brothers John and Carl Cadwell, the company transformed the medical device industry from its first products through its current line. The company is focused on innovative product solutions in the fields of Neurology and Neurophysiology, excelling in research, hardware and software design, assembly, marketing, distribution, and customer support. Cadwell's extensive network includes U.S.-based sales and support representatives, as well as international managers serving distributors in China, Singapore, the Netherlands, and Dubai. It has become the third largest neurology device manufacturer in the world.

Cadwell stays true to its mission of “helping you help others” by continuously improving its core competencies in EMG, IONM, EEG, Sleep, Consumables, and CadLink Information Management. Since its inception, Cadwell has been dedicated to delivering innovative neurodiagnostic, neuromonitoring, and sleep diagnostic solutions. The company is in a phase of innovation and growth, recently launching Arc Voyager for remote wireless access to in-home EEG monitoring with video. Additionally, they introduced Sierra NMUS1 Ultrasound and Sierra 4 Software, showcasing their commitment to expansion.


22. CVRx

Based in Minneapolis, MN, CVRx is a publicly traded, leading medical devices company, with a focus on treating high blood pressure and heart failure. The company's proprietary implantable technology, Barostim™, triggers carotid baroreceptors, activating the body's natural blood flow regulation system and signaling the brain to manage cardiovascular function.

CVRx is dedicated to advancing global health and improving patients' lives by pioneering therapies that align with the body's natural systems. Their flagship product, the Barostim™ System, is the first FDA-approved medical technology using neuromodulation to alleviate heart failure symptoms. The implantable device delivers electrical pulses to carotid artery baroreceptors, restoring balance to the autonomic nervous system and reducing heart failure symptoms.

Barostim holds FDA Breakthrough Device designation and is approved for heart failure patients in the U.S., with additional CE Mark approval for heart failure and resistant hypertension in the European Economic Area. In a recent development, CVRx has launched a new Barostim™ Programmer in the U.S., streamlining therapy programming and enabling remote access for enhanced customer support—a testament to their commitment to cutting-edge patient care.


23. TytoCare

TytoCare, a virtual healthcare company, transforms remote healthcare delivery through its Home Smart Clinic, allowing patients to easily access the healthcare they deserve. Headquartered in New York, NY, Tytocare has ushered in a “new age of healthcare,” replicating traditional physical exams in doctor’s offices and bringing them into the home. The company's FDA-cleared device, paired with AI-guided diagnostic support, enables users to conduct comprehensive remote physical exams with immediate doctor interaction, mirroring in-clinic experiences. With a fivefold increase in utilization rates compared to traditional telehealth services, TytoCare simultaneously reduces total care costs by an average of 5% and diverts emergency department visits by 10.8%. Serving over 220 major health systems globally, including a recent exclusive partnership with St. Luke's Health System in Idaho, TytoCare continues its mission of providing accessible, high-quality virtual care.

Achieving an average Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 83, the Home Smart Clinic is complemented by Tyto Engagement Labs™, ensuring successful solution deployment. Additionally, TytoCare extends its impact with the Pro Smart Clinic, serving professional settings beyond the home. The company's recent $49 million funding round and launch of new care modules further underscore its commitment to advancing global healthcare accessibility.


24. Ceribell

Ceribell, Inc., headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, is a leader in medical innovation and disruptive technologies. The company developed the first AI-powered point-of-care EEG diagnostic system, with a system designed for set up and triage of seizures within minutes. With around 200 employees, Ceribell is dedicated to reshaping neurological diagnostics through advanced technology and commitment to patient care. The company aims to revolutionize seizure management in acute care by improving the accessibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of EEG diagnostics for enhanced detection and treatment of neurological conditions.

The Ceribell system, FDA-cleared in 2017, enables rapid access to accurate diagnostic information and continuous bedside monitoring, supporting 24/7 patient care and hospital-wide efficiencies. Notably, the ClarityPro™ AI algorithm is the only FDA-indicated software for diagnosing electrographic status epilepticus, with approval for New Technology Add-on Payment (NTAP) by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Ceribell’s Point-of-Care EEG was proven to significantly increase clinical accuracy while reducing the wait time to 5 minutes, as opposed to 4 hours with traditional EEG. In addition, diagnostic accuracy using this technology was 90 percent versus 65 percent without the Point-of-Care EEG.


25. FundamentalVR

Founders Richard Vincent and Chris Scattergood created FundamentalVR, with the main goal of democratizing medical training globally. Headquartered in London, England, the company is a global leader in immersive surgical training, reshaping medical education through advanced virtual reality (VR) technologies. The company's Fundamental Surgery platform was founded with the aim of accelerating human capability in surgery, revolutionizing training through VR, precision simulation, and a patented kinesthetic haptic system. This platform enables comprehensive rehearsal of medical procedures, combining data, artificial intelligence, and multimodal learning. With proven studies to support the fact that VR significantly improves the effectiveness of medical education programs, FundamentalVR has made a notable impact in the field.

Pioneering immersive technology, haptics, and machine learning, FundamentalVR's HapticVRTM technology accurately replicates the physical touch of surgical actions, simulating bone textures, muscle, and soft tissue sensations. Accredited by global institutions like the AAOS and the Royal College of Surgeons of England, FundamentalVR stands out as the sole immersive training solution with such recognition.

With unlimited multi-user capabilities and diverse modalities, the platform accelerates product development and enhances patient outcomes. The recent launch of Fundamental Core, a groundbreaking SDK, underscores the company's commitment to advancing immersive surgical training globally.