The Top 25 Consumer HealthTech Executives of 2021

The Healthcare Technology Report is pleased to announce The Top 25 Consumer HealthTech Executives of 2021. This year, consumer healthcare technology has maintained its unprecedented and explosive growth, with telemedicine ingraining itself as an invaluable component of many patients’ health and wellness needs. As digital transformation in healthcare organizations continues, AI is proving to be a valuable asset that could revolutionize the way health professionals and physicians analyze and interpret patient data as well as diagnose illnesses and prescribe treatments. For patients, wearables like fitness trackers are being augmented with advanced features such as heart monitoring and data collection, which help physicians keep them healthy.

The companies represented on this year’s list showcase a wide variety of consumer health technologies, such as platforms that bring patients and their doctors together virtually, advanced home diagnostic solutions, telemedicine services that can deliver medication to a patient’s doorstep, and many others. Quite a few of this year’s awardees are founders who have leveraged their experience, expertise, and leadership skills to make an impact on healthcare worldwide. Big Health Founder and Chief Executive Officer Peter Hames spun his struggles dealing with insomnia into a means of bettering mental health care through advanced digital therapeutics like Sleepio and Daylight. Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Doug Hudson landed $125 million in investment for his dental service Tend early in the year, and has since spearheaded an aggressive expansion of its business, debuting three new locations in both Boston and Atlanta.

Nominees were appraised based on a number of factors, including depth of knowledge, industry reputation, and career achievements. We also researched each nominee’s professional track record, evaluating them for their demonstrated leadership acumen in current and previous organizations as well as the quality of products and solutions their organizations brought to market. Please join us in recognizing The Top 25 Consumer HealthTech Executives of 2021.


1. Helen Mader, Behavior Frontiers
Title: Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Helen Mader is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Behavior Frontiers, a company that offers solutions to help individuals with autism and other special needs reach their potential. In addition to the practice of Applied Behavior Analysis, Behavior Frontiers aims to raise the mark of excellence in quality ABA treatment and family care through the creation of tech-enabled treatment teams. In 2021, Behavior Frontiers developed and launched proprietary data collection software, PrioraCare, which was created specifically for the needs of Behavior Frontiers staff and clients. PrioraCare will improve client outcomes through better and faster communication between Behavior Technicians and clinical management staff, as well as through increased accuracy and speed of data collection. By supplying all staff with state-of-the-art equipment and software, Behavior Frontiers can ensure that all clients and families are receiving the best ABA treatment possible.

Mader founded Behavior Frontiers in 2004 and has operated as its Chief Executive Officer ever since. Prior to that, she spent several years as a clinician at another ABA agency, and at the San Diego Unified School District. She has been honored to serve as the President of the California Consortium for Behavior Analysis (CCBA). Helen received her master’s degree in psychology from San Diego State University, and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) in 2004.


2. Mattieu Gamache-Asselin, Alto Pharmacy
Title: Founder

Matt Gamache-Asselin and his co-founder Jamie Karraker started Alto in 2015 on the belief that pharmacies should be focused on the patient experience. Since then, they and the team at Alto have grown to 12 markets and delivered more than 2 million prescriptions to nearly 200,000 customers.

Gamache-Asselin previously worked in software engineering at Adobe, Facebook, and Parse, the last of which was acquired by Facebook in 2013. Eager to share his expertise with others, he recently participated as a featured speaker in WebSummit Lisbon 2021. Gamache-Asselin graduated from the University of Ottawa with a degree in software engineering and biomedical.


3. Brad Brooks, TigerConnect
Title: Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Brad Brooks is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of TigerConnect, healthcare’s most widely adopted communication platform. The TigerConnect app is a cloud-based clinical communication and collaboration tool that was developed for the enterprise market, allowing the transmission of patient information and other secure messages while complying with HIPAA laws. Powered by a workforce of over 260 employees, the Santa Monica, California-based company serves over 7,000 healthcare organizations with 99.99% verifiable uptime. In 2021, Brooks and TigerConnect launched an expanded portfolio of solutions including patient engagement, physician scheduling, and alarm management features, and announced over 40% revenue increase over the year.

Brooks boasts more than two decades of experience in finance and leadership. Before founding TigerConnect, he was a managing director of Imperial Capital, where he worked on institutional distressed debt trading and capital markets. Previously, Brooks ran DIC Entertainment, a film and television studio he and the founder acquired from Disney in 2000 with the help of Bain Capital. He began his career as a corporate finance associate with Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in history from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Master of Business Administration in finance and accounting from the University of Chicago.


4. Isabelle Kenyon, Calibrate
Title: Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Isabelle Kenyon is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Calibrate, a metabolic health company on a mission to change the way the world treats weight. Calibrate is a virtual program that combines doctor-prescribed GLP-1 medication with intensive lifestyle intervention through coaching, curriculum, and community to deliver sustainable results. In 18 months, Kenyon grew membership by more than 51% month-over-month, expanded access to service for 83% of the population (making it the fastest expansion ever for a telemedicine startup), and raised $127.6 million in seed through Series B funding from leading VCs. Additionally, Calibrate was chosen as a 2021 Tech Pioneer by the World Economic Forum in recognition of the world’s most promising start-ups.

Prior to Calibrate, Kenyon led the business operations, growth, and strategic partnerships and communications teams at Capsule, a technology business that has raised $570 million to rebuild the pharmacy from the inside out. Before Capsule, she worked at beloved consumer brands in London and New York, was selected to the Forbes 30 Under 30 Retail & E-commerce list in 2015, and began her career as an investment banker. She is also part of the Young Professionals Board of Success Academy and the Advocacy Committee. Isabelle received her Bachelor of Arts in Eastern Asia area studies from the University of Pennsylvania.


5. Mike Porath, The Mighty
Title: Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mike Porath is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Mighty, the world’s leading health community. The Mighty supports millions of people on their health journeys by connecting them to the people, content, and resources that are the most helpful and meaningful to them. It also provides a platform for healthcare partners to engage directly with patients and caregivers in order to gain insights from people living with health issues and disabilities. Porath learned the power of peer support while raising a daughter with a rare disease and autism, which inspired him to create The Mighty. Over the last year, the company has doubled revenue and collaborated with Harvard researchers to show that The Mighty is improving health outcomes.

Previously, Porath led digital media teams at ABC News, NBC News, The New York Times, and AOL. He serves on the board of directors of the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) and Dup15q Alliance, a nonprofit that serves people with his daughter’s disease. He was named one of the top 50 philanthropists by Town & Country for his work building The Mighty. Porath received his Bachelor of Arts in psychology and English from the College of William & Mary.


6. Tushar Vashisht, HealthifyMe
Title: Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Indian entrepreneur Tushar Vashisht is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of HealthifyMe, the company behind an innovative digital health and wellness platform that provides services such as calorie tracking, one-on-one nutrition, fitness coaching, and more. The HealthifyMe app takes a holistic lifestyle-tracking approach to keep users engaged and motivated, with a premium subscription that lets users choose from a team of in-house certified nutritionists, fitness trainers, and yoga coaches to guide their wellness journey. Vashisht founded the company inspired in part by his own fitness struggles, and has grown the company into a venture with over 1000 employees and $100 million raised in its ten years of existence.

Vashisht is a veteran in finance and entrepreneurship with nearly 15 years of experience and success. The Bengaluru-based businessman previously served as a project strategy manager for the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), the governmental agency that oversees the Aadhaar program. He began his career on Wall Street, working as an analyst in corporate finance and technology investment banking at Deutsche Bank. He attended the Delhi College of Engineering and Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, and he holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in computer science from the University of Pennsylvania.


7. Oliver Kharraz, Zocdoc
Title: Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Oliver Kharraz, M.D., is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Zocdoc, a provider of online medical and dental booking solutions for in-person and telemedicine services. Dr. Kharraz is the latest in a 300-year family tradition of doctors, and he utilizes his history to blend old-fashioned values with modern medical technology. He founded Zocdoc in 2007 with colleagues Nick Ganju and Cyrus Massoumi, and has grown the company into a multi-billion-dollar venture that aims to put patients first. After the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Kharraz pivoted Zocdoc into telehealth, launching the innovative Zocdoc Vaccine Scheduler platform that helped streamline vaccination efforts in the U.S.

Prior to founding Zocdoc, Dr. Kharraz served as an associate principal at global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company. During his seven-year tenure, he developed and implemented new patient utilization models for the national health services of a number of governments and organizations. He founded his first business, an early internet software company called Tavakol Computing, in 1992. He served as a resident doctor at the clinic of Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, where he earned a Doctor of Medicine and a Doctorate in neuroscience. Dr. Kharraz also has a master’s degree in philosophy from the Jesuit College of Philosophy in Munich, and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.


8. Johannes Schildt, Kry
Title: Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Serial entrepreneur Johannes Schildt is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kry, the online healthcare company behind an innovative telehealth access app. Founded in 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden, Kry is transforming the healthcare industry with a platform that allows clients to consult a qualified health professional within minutes via a smartphone or tablet. Schildt is committed to promoting equitable access to high-quality health care with an emphasis on patient convenience using Kry’s digital technology.

Schildt has a long track record of corporate leadership and success across such sectors as e-commerce, FinTech, social gaming, and healthcare technology. Before founding Kry, he served as CEO of Pegaston and founded Boxerfy, both bespoke clothing companies. Schildt also founded e-commerce company Tieday Group and digital wallet company Wowallets.
He also previously served as a project manager for the social gaming company Stardolls. He holds a Master of Science in business and economics from Stockholm University.


9. Julia Cheek, Everly Health
Title: Founder and Chief Executive Officer

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Julia Cheek, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Everly Health, set out to develop an easy-to-use at-home test for the virus. Founded in 2015 as Everlywell, the company sells a number of home diagnostic tests for everything from food allergies and cholesterol to hormones and STIs. After rising to the occasion, Cheek and Everly Health are still growing; following the 2021 acquisitions of PWNHealth and Natalist, the company boasts a workforce in excess of 600 dedicated professionals. The company has earned investments from “Shark Tank'' star Lori Greiner as well as Blackrock, Lux Capital, and Goodwater Capital, and now has an estimated value of at least $2.9 billion.

In 2020, Cheek was honored by Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine, and Create & Cultivate as one of the most inspiring female founders of 2020, and was additionally named one of Fortune Magazine’s 40 Under 40 in Healthcare for her work fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Before founding Everly Health, she was vice president of corporate strategy for MoneyGram International, director of strategy and initiatives at the George W. Bush Institute, and a consultant at Deloitte. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in economics and psychology from Vanderbilt University and a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School.


10. Varsha Rao, Nurx
Title: Chief Executive Officer

Varsha Rao is Chief Executive Officer of Nurx, the telehealth company that makes personalized healthcare accessible by connecting patients with medical providers at the patients’ convenience and delivering medications and tests to their doorsteps. Nurx is the leading online provider for contraception, and also offers prescription skincare, migraine treatment, STI testing, PrEP, herpes treatment, and urgent care for certain conditions. Under Rao’s leadership, Nurx has launched seven new areas of patient care, secured high-value B2B partnerships, and experienced record growth, with 500,000+ patients currently under care.

Prior to Nurx, Rao served as COO of Clover Health and Head of Global Operations for Airbnb, held executive roles at Living Social and, served as CEO of SingTel Digital Media and was co-founder and co-CEO of She received a Bachelor of Science in economics and a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania, and earned her Master of Business Administration at Harvard University.


11. Peter Hames, Big Health
Title: Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Peter Hames founded Big Health after a life-altering personal experience led him to rethink our current approach to mental healthcare. Years ago, Hames developed insomnia, and describes it as one of the worst experiences of his life. Based on his education, he knew that behavioral medicine, including cognitive behavioral therapy, is the first line-treatment for insomnia. But when he saw a doctor for treatment, Hames was prescribed sleeping pills and sent on his way. The majority of mental health care occurs in primary care, where people are prescribed medications without other options. In fact, 82% of patients being treated for mental health receive medication, and more than half of those individuals experience moderately severe side effects.

Hames steered Big Health’s digital therapeutics to address this problem with easily accessible, evidence-based care—including cognitive behavioral therapy. Sleepio and Daylight, Big Health’s digital therapeutics for insomnia and anxiety, are fully-automated pure software solutions that deliver clinical approaches without coaches or clinicians. The products are backed by the industry’s leading evidence base, which includes 13 randomized controlled trials showing that over 70% of participants experienced clinically significant outcomes for insomnia and anxiety.

Today, Big Health has over 10 million covered lives across the U.S. and U.K. Through a strategic collaboration with CVS Health, Big Health pioneered the ability to bill through the PBM, enabling employers to pay for digital therapeutics similar to drugs. The company also announced a strategic partnership with the Scottish government to provide all 5.5 million Scottish adults access to Sleepio and Daylight at no cost. This landmark deal makes Scotland the first country to provide digital therapeutics nationally.

Hames was previously a board member and chair for Digital Therapeutics Alliance, and headed business development for karaoke company Lucky Voice. He earned a Master of Arts in experimental psychology from the University of Oxford.


12. Doug Hudson, Tend
Title: Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Doug Hudson is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tend. Born out of the need for systemic change across the dental industry, Hudson’s vision is for Tend to set a new standard for oral health, starting at the dentist. As CEO, he applies his 20 years of experience building direct-to-consumer, high-growth healthcare ventures to bring a hospitality mindset to the dental industry.

Previously, Hudson was the founding CEO of SmileDirectClub, a leading direct-to-consumer orthodontics company. Prior to this, he founded and led several consumer health companies, including DiabetesCareClub and CPAPCareClub, Inc. as well as HearingPlanet, Inc., the latter of which became the largest online hearing aid distributor in the U.S. during his tenure. Hudson serves on the Board of Directors of Modern Age,, and Modern Animal, and holds a Master of Business Administration from Vanderbilt University's Owen Graduate School of Management.


13. Jonathan Sudharta, Halodoc
Title: Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Sudharta is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Halodoc, the leading telehealth company in Indonesia with a mission of simplifying access to healthcare for all. Halodoc helps with connecting the 3Ps: patients, providers, and payers. Established in 2016, Halodoc provides 24/7 doctor consultations, instant and nationwide pharmacy delivery, and booking appointments for medical procedures. The company also proactively takes a stand in the frontline of the battle against the pandemic by pioneering drive-thru healthcare offerings for COVID-19 testing, vaccinations programs, and non COVID-19 testing in Indonesia.

Before founding Halodoc, Sudharta spent most of his professional tenure in a well-known pharmaceutical company in Indonesia. He is also an avid ice hockey player, leading Indonesia's national team during its debut at the 2017 Asian Winter Games in Sapporo. Sudharta received his bachelor’s degree in economy with specialization in e-commerce from Curtin University.


14. Ellis McCue, Territory Foods
Title: Chief Executive Officer

Ellis McCue is the Chief Executive Officer of Territory Foods, a fresh food marketplace that brings artisan healthy food from local chefs and restaurants directly to thousands of customers nationally. Recently featured in the Andreessen Horowitz Marketplace 100, Territory is a fresh take on the healthy food industry, providing chef-prepared meals with nutritionist-approved menus to support dietary preferences and specialty diets, powered by a proprietary personalization algorithm. In 2021, personalization has taken the front seat as the consumer landscape becomes more aware of how food impacts wellness and recovery. Territory utilizes 90,000 points of data to identify key trends, then leverages its unique model to drive an industry-leading four-week innovation cycle from data to plate.

McCue has been featured nationally as a top-15 CEO for startups and SMBs, with Territory featured as a top place for women to work in the U.S., best for work-life balance, and best CEOs for women. Before Territory Foods, McCue led successful, forward-looking business strategies for major global companies such as Deloitte, Gap Inc., and ZX Ventures (AbInBev), focusing on complex supply chains and data-driven design. Ellis received a Bachelor of Arts in international studies and East Asian studies from The Johns Hopkins University.


15. Randy Klein, Vesta Healthcare
Title: Chief Executive Officer

Randy Klein is the Chief Executive Officer of Vesta Healthcare, a tech-enabled clinical services company dedicated to empowering caregivers and enabling world-class care at home. By engaging caregivers of high-need populations and leveraging multi-channel technology tools including RPM, PERS, mobile apps, HIE data and other data sources, Vesta is able to capture real-time insights from the home, enabling proactive and responsive care at home and delivering industry-leading improvements in quality and outcomes. Since founding the company in November 2019, Klein has grown the company to nine states and over 110 health plans, home care agencies, and provider clients and partners. Vesta has consistently seen more than 30% reductions in ED, Admission, and Readmission utilization, improving Healthy Days at Home for its members.

Klein is a healthcare executive with nearly 20 years of experience with home care and value based programs. His prior experience includes leadership roles at Remedy Partners, Complex Care Solutions, MJHS/Elderplan, Optum, and Visiting Nurse Service of NY. He began his career at Accenture. Randy received a Bachelor of Arts from The Ohio State University and a Master of Business Administration from New York University’s Stern School of Business.


16. Steve Gatena,
Title: Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Steve Gatena is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of, the world's #1 app for daily prayer and faith-based audio content. is the only religious app in history to become a Top 5 grossing Lifestyle app in the Apple app store, and has been named as one of the Best Places to Work by the Los Angeles Business Journal as well as one of the world’s fastest-growing mental health apps by Sensor Tower.

Gatena has a history of entrepreneurship, from founding Hollywood’s largest aerial stock-footage manufacturer to running a company that would become a global leader in aerial surveillance systems and aerial film production. Gatena was recently honored with CSQ Magazine's 40 Under 40 Visionary Award, and in 2020, the President of the United States appointed him to serve as a non-partisan advisor to the White House on cybersecurity matters. Gatena has been an active volunteer throughout his career for organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, The Midnight Mission, and Big Brothers Big Sisters, to name a few. He received his bachelor’s degree from University of California, Davis; his master’s degree from University of Southern California; and completed the Entrepreneurial Masters Program at MIT.


17. Irad Eichler, Circles
Title: Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Irad Eichler is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of online emotional support platform Circles. Circles was founded in 2020, after Eichler lost his mother to cancer. As she was dying, she told him that she found the most comfort and solace in connecting with those in similar situations. With that in mind, Eichler created Circles as a safe space that enables people to be heard, understood, and supported by others who are going through similar experiences via small online groups led by professionals. It was recently awarded the 2021 Best Platform for Group Therapy by VeryWell Mind.

Eichler has built his career helping others. In 2005, he founded The Shekulo Tov Group, which helps people with psychiatric disabilities reach their functional goals, including employment, living independently, and pursuing their individual journeys. The Shekulo Tov Group is the largest organization of its kind in Israel and provides services to more than 7,000 people annually. Eichler has been recognized by the United Nations for his work with those with mental health issues and developmental disabilities. He was also named Social Entrepreneur of the Year by the World Economic Forum, was awarded the Social Leadership Award by Bar Ilan University, and was named a Social Impact Hero by Medium Magazine. Eichler holds a Master of Business Administration from the Academic College for Management, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Bar Ilan University. He also received an Executive Certificate in Public Leadership from Harvard Business School.


18. Ethan Bechtel, OhMD
Title: Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Ethan Bechtel, entrepreneur as well as Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of OhMD, has spent 20 years working toward improving the patient experience through healthcare technology. Bechtel’s company, OhMD, is a mission-driven software company propelled by the idea that patient outcomes can be improved through access and simple communication between patients and their care teams. Bechtel has worked with healthcare organizations across the country to enable incredible patient care. In early 2020, Bechtel and his team rapidly adapted the OhMD platform to help physicians address the COVID-19 pandemic. He and his team continue to innovate and improve patient relationships through text messaging, one-tap telehealth visits, and other HIPAA-compliant features for practices and hospitals.

Bechtel, a thought leader in the world of healthcare and simplifying connection between patients and doctors, is the former CEO of MBA HealthGroup, and OhMD is a graduate of the Blueprint Health accelerator in New York City. Bechtel has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, The Washington Post, and TechCrunch. He also co-authored a Springer textbook, Healthcare Information Technology for Cardiovascular Medicine. Bechtel’s companies have been featured within the top 200 of Inc Magazine’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies. He earned a Bachelor of Science in business administration and management from the University of Vermont, and studied the same discipline at Stanford University.


19. Simon Bédard, Clinia
Title: Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Simon Bédard is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Clinia, building dedicated Health-AI search solutions for health organizations to establish patient loyalty and create operational efficiencies. Clinia is on a mission to shape the future of search in health. Its solutions facilitate better classification and navigation of critical health resources with the Clinia Directory built for Care Teams and a dedicated Health Search API that provides more personalized experiences for patients. Two years after launch, Clinia’s solutions are being leveraged by leading Canadian telehealth providers such as Teladoc, TELUS Health, and Dialogue. Currently, Clinia’s collaborative and personalized platform features are supporting over 1,000 care coordinators on their platform, and over 4 million health-related searches have been carried out in their ecosystem to date since January 2020.

Bédard began his career in the marketing industry when he opened an agency focused on advertising for healthcare professionals. It quickly became obvious to Bédard that the challenges facing physicians were symptoms of deeper structural challenges rooted in the healthcare system and resolving listing and data management issues at the individual level would not be enough. He partnered with his two co-founders to create Clinia’s proprietary Health-AI search engine, and they are dedicated to reshaping the current health navigation experience for patients around the globe. Bédard studied marketing at the HEC in Montreal, and earned a certification in business management at the Singapore Management University.


20. Sebastian Seiguer, emocha Health
Title: Chief Executive Officer

Sebastian Seiguer is the Chief Executive Officer of emocha Health, a Baltimore-based digital medication adherence company that helps people take their medications properly. Seiguer spun emocha out of Johns Hopkins University in 2014 together with Dr. Bob Bollinger and other medication adherence experts. emocha’s team of nurses, pharmacists, and healthcare experts supports patients/members through personalized, daily digital engagement. Based on a proven and CDC-endorsed model of care, emocha’s results have been documented in 12 peer-reviewed articles. The fast-growing company has more than 120 customers worldwide and between 80,000 and 90,000 program interactions each day. Seiguer also serves as a co-Primary Investigator on three NIH-funded medication adherence research studies (tuberculosis, opioid use disorder, and transplant), and is an NIH Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program grants ad hoc reviewer.

Seiguer started his career as an attorney with Allen & Overy in London before launching his first company in Munich, Germany in 2000. He earned his law degree from Columbia Law School and his Master of Business Administration in healthcare from Johns Hopkins University.


21. Vijay Kedar, Tomorrow Health
Title: Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Vijay Kedar is Co-Founder and CEO of Tomorrow Health, a technology-driven healthcare company changing the way healthcare is managed at home. Kedar’s vision for Tomorrow Health came from challenges encountered in his personal and professional experience. Through this he saw significant opportunity for tech-driven innovation in the DME space to support suppliers and patients. Tomorrow Health is partnered with over 125 health insurers and provider organizations to coordinate and deliver home-based care for their members. The company has leveraged technology to streamline the ordering process, reducing paperwork and back-and-forth between suppliers, payers, providers and their patients. Tomorrow Health has raised $32.5M from investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Obvious Ventures, Box Group, Rainfall Ventures and CEOs and founders of Tenet Healthcare, DoorDash, Flatiron Health, Oscar Health, Quartet Health, Casper, Moat and PillPack.

Prior to Tomorrow Health, Kedar worked at Oscar Health - leading care management strategy and operations to support chronically ill patients through home-based interventions. He was critical in shaping the success of the company by executing on strategy, financing efforts, network development, medical management, regulatory affairs and more. He is an alum of Harvard University and Harvard Business School. Kedar previously spent years in Private Equity at Goldman Sachs, where he evaluated $1.1B in investments across healthcare, technology and energy.


22. Steve Giannini,
Title: Chief Executive Officer

Steve Giannini joined in early 2021 as its new Chief Executive Officer, replacing the company’s co-founder Ray Costantini. Giannini has 25 years of experience in business growth, operations, and development across industries including software, technology, and healthcare, which he leverages to lead the growing Portland, Oregon-based company. Founded in 2012, is a leading virtual care solution trusted by health systems to automate clinical workflows and administrative tasks, improving patient and provider engagement and driving operational efficiency. The startup has raised more than $29 million in outside investments and boasts partnerships with several premier healthcare delivery organizations in North America.

Giannini joined after a successful decade as the President and CEO of Opal, a Portland-based company he co-founded that provides marketing software to clients including Starbucks, Target, Airbnb, and GM. Previously, he was a co-founder and managing director of Alliance Network Group, as well as vice president of CNET Networks. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business economics and accounting from the University of California, Santa Barbara.


23. Naomi Allen, Brightline
Title: Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Naomi Allen is an experienced executive and entrepreneur with hands-on experience developing high-growth health tech companies. The 25-year industry veteran is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Brightline, the first full-family behavioral health solution built specifically to care for kids, teens, and parents across a range of common family challenges. With a multidisciplinary staff of more than 150 professionals, a family-focused approach, evidence-based care delivery, and innovative technology, Brightline is able to support families with whatever challenges they're facing and help them thrive long-term. In 2021, a Series B funding led by GV (formerly Google Ventures) and other investors saw the company raise $72 million, which will be used for expansion and innovation.

In addition to her executive role at Brightline, Allen serves on the board of Bright Health, a consumer focused and technology-enabled health insurance company. Prior to founding Brightline, she was the chief growth officer for Livongo as well as a founding team member of Castlight Health. Previously, she was a leader in McKinsey’s Silicon Valley office, helping to build their West Coast healthcare practice, and she began her career as a consultant for Deloitte. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in international studies from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and a Master of Business Administration from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.


24. Rushika Fernandopulle, One Medical
Title: Chief Innovation Officer

Rushika Fernandopulle is the Chief Innovation Officer for One Medical, a membership-based primary care practice on a mission to make getting quality care more affordable, accessible, and enjoyable. Fernandopulle joined One Medical as part of its acquisition of Iora Health, a membership-based primary care organization he co-founded in 2010. One Medical is a technology-powered primary care platform with seamless digital health and inviting in-office care, convenient to where people work, shop, live, and click. In his role as Chief Innovation Officer, Fernandopulle will be working closely with CEO Amir Rubin to guide the organization’s overall strategy. In addition to his corporate responsibilities, Fernandopulle is a practicing physician.

He was previously the first executive director of the Harvard Interfaculty Program for Health Systems Improvement, and managing director of the Clinical Initiatives Center at the Advisory Board Company. He serves on the staff of the Massachusetts General Hospital, on the faculty of Harvard Medical School, and on the boards of Families USA and the Schwartz Center for Compassionate Care. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in government from Harvard University, a Doctor of Medicine from the Harvard Medical School, and a Master of Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School.


25. Dan Giuliani, Volt Athletics
Title: Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dan Giuliani is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Volt Athletics, a fitness and wellness technology company headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Founded in 2011, Giuliani's company has been highly decorated for both innovative workplace culture and rapid growth, being named to the Inc. 5000 list three consecutive times. Volt's proprietary technology, which helps people safely reach their health, fitness, and performance goals through AI-powered, personalized workout plans, is trusted by over 1.5 million coaches, athletes, soldiers, firefighters, and everyday people in over 150 countries.

Giuliani is passionate about innovating towards a healthier, safer, and better future for everyone. In addition to his work at Volt, he is a Founding Member of the Rolling Stone Culture Council and spent five years as an Adjunct Professor of Sport Performance at the University of Washington. He has been a CSCS-certified strength coach by the NSCA since 2009, holds a master’s degree in sport administration and leadership from Seattle University, and received his Bachelor of Arts in government from Colby College.