The Future Of Health Tech: The Most Exciting Health Devices Shown At CES 2020

The year started with a bang at 53rd annual CES 2020, where some of the most interesting health tech was revealed earlier this month. During the Las Vegas convention, hundreds of companies showed their best in consumer-ready robots, wearables, gadgets, and home technologies. Here are the most impressive devices from the exhibition.

AARP’s VR platform, Alcove
AARP's Innovation Lab together with VRHealth showed a series of devices aimed and designed at people over the age of 50. But it's their VR platform, Alcove that really takes things to a whole new level. The Alcove playground, an ecosystem designed to improve consumers' lives as they get older can help with memory span and cognitive skills, neck exercises, brain health, and pain management. The device uses remote monitoring and allows patients to give clinicians, caregivers and family members access to their health data, allowing for adjustments to be made to a patient's care routine.

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Willow’s Wearable Breast Pump
Breastfeeding and consequently, breast pumping can be tough for new mothers, though devices designed to make this easier are often large, clunky, loud, and conspicuous. Willow decided they wanted to change that and designed the first wireless, all-in-one smart breast pump that works quietly inside a bra. It isn’t just compact and sleek but also gives moms unprecedented privacy and a renewed sense of independence while bringing pumping into the 21st century.

Omron Healthcare's HeartGuide
The Omron HeartGuide is the first FDA-approved blood pressure monitoring smartwatch, combining all the features of a conventional smartwatch with an accurate blood pressure monitoring feature and a medication tracking mechanism. The company has also announced plans to take its innovative wearable further, with the summer launch of its mobile app, Omron Collect 2.0., a personal heart health coach. On the app, users will be able to sync data with Apple Health and Google Fit to create a full picture of their health, receiving reports on their heart health and advice on how to improve and maintain healthy habits.

Kakao's Smart Scale
Scales are often intimidating and the bearers of bad news, but South Korean company, Kakao decided to make the experience a little cuter. This smart scale, made from soft white silicone in the shape of a cloud, adorned with a very friendly character makes the experience a little nicer— it's even designed to say nice things to you, no matter the number on the scale. The scale also allows users to manage their weight by connecting with an app.

Skiin's Smart Clothing
Textile computing company Myant won a CES 2020 Innovation Award for its SKIIN smart clothing brand. The underwear shown at the convention is designed and embedded with sensors that monitor biometrics like heart rate, breathing rate, temperative, posture, and sleep. Users can also analyze data through a mobile app, which will give tips for living a healthier lifestyle. Other subscription features set to be added to the SKIIN app include slip and fall detection, driver fatigue monitoring, ovulation tracking, and atrial fibrillation detection. SKIIN is due to launch is the first quarter of 2020