The Comeback Kid: Eli Lilly Follows Through With Insulin Price Cuts

Indianapolis-based pharmaceutical company, Eli Lilly, has mounted a comeback from the “Free Insulin” fiasco that lit up Twitter last year by announcing a significant discount to its most commonly prescribed insulins. Indeed, in addition to slashing those costs by around 70% across the board, the company is also enlarging its Insulin Value Program to set a $35 limit for out-of-pocket patients expenses.

Lilly’s mission in adjusting these price points is to “make it easier to access Lilly insulin and help Americans who may have difficulty navigating a complex healthcare system,” as put in an announcement. This follows an invocation from President Biden during last month's State of the Union to do as such, and fall in line with the cost-capping required by the Inflation Reduction Act.

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Lilly will bring the per-vial price of its unbranded insulin, insulin lispro injection, to $25 circa May, making it the “lowest list-price mealtime insulin available.” Its top-prescribed insulin, Humulin, is among those to benefit from the headline-making 70% price cut. As of now, it is priced at roughly $107 for a vial before any discounts. Lilly’s Rezvoglar, a biosimilar to Lantus from Sanofi, will be sold at a $78 discount to its market rival starting in April.