Teeth Straightening Is Getting the AI Treatment

Working to simplify workflows for physicians and their staff, Arizona-based Align Technology, the company behind Invisalign braces, has stepped forward with its Invisalign Virtual Care AI remote monitoring solution. Its multitude of features include tools to help streamline patient enrollment and setup, and allow review of operations directly on the Invisalign Doctor Site, doing away with the need for the time-consuming incorporation of standalone solutions that must be tapped into separately.

AI is at the heart of the new system’s technology, affording physicians the ability to remotely monitor the treatment progress of patients using Invisalign. This progress is determined by a physician’s pre-set clinical settings and AI-bolstered automatic assessments, which render automated notifications. Patients can submit photos of their aligner swap-outs and use a mobile app to receive progress updates.

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“Align is committed to continuous innovation in digital orthodontics, and I am very excited about our next generation AI-assisted remote monitoring solution,” said the company’s Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Executive Vice President, and Managing Director, Raj Pudipeddi. “Invisalign Virtual Care AI is the only doctor-directed, AI-assisted, remote monitoring solution in the market that integrates with the Align digital platform, enabling doctors to prioritize Invisalign treatment tracking exceptions.” The system’s widespread rollout is due to commence in a handful of leading markets at first, namely APAC, EMEA, and the Americas.