Tebra Provider Platform Offers Combined Expertise Of PatientPop And Kareo

Two healthcare-related companies have blended resources to originate a new, powerful all-in-one provider platform. Marketing company PatientPop and medical software developer Kareo have joined forces to create Tebra, a digital solution platform that lends a hand for patient acquisition and service practices. Combining the two companies' extensive healthcare networks furnishes Tebra with access to over 100,000 providers covering approximately 85 million patients. Providers will tap PatientPop's services to expand their practice and patient base while leveraging Kareo's advanced clinical software for billing and EHR management through the power of Tebra.

Dan Rodrigues, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kareo, said, “By bringing the two companies together, we believe we can deliver to the market the first truly all-in-one platform to run a healthcare practice." Rodrigues will function as CEO for Tebra. He also said that the name Tebra, which derives from "vertebra," represents the effort's ambition to become "the digital backbone of practice success."

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Co-CEO and co-founder of PatientPop Travis Schneider will become Tebra's Chief Corporate Development Officer. He indicated that market competition will surely heat up with the introduction of Tebra. "What excites us the most is we genuinely feel like we’re building something that’s going to be transformational, and it doesn’t yet exist in the industry,” Schneider said. “And at the end of the day, it’s going to really serve and help the healthcare practices out there, regardless of specialty and size.” The other half of the CEO/Founder double team, Luke Kervin, is set to act as Tebra's Chief Innovation Officer.

PatientPop and Kareo will retain their status as independent brands for the foreseeable future. Both companies aim to fully integrate all offerings under the Tebra umbrella by the end of first quarter 2022.