Takeda And Seqster Team Up For Data Advancement In Healthcare

In a significant step toward digital transformation, Takeda, Asia’s largest pharmaceutical company, is collaborating with award-winning healthcare technology company Seqster to increase access and understanding of patient level data. With this agreement, Takeda gains instant access to Seqster’s secure platform to combine and visualize patient electronic health records (EHRs), genomic profiles, and wearable fitness data across healthcare systems.

This newest development comes months after Seqster secured an undisclosed amount in funding from Takeda to accelerate the adoption of its technology for the improvement of clinical trials and patient outcomes.

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Based in San Diego, California, Seqster offers a suite of applications that provide instant interoperability of healthcare data for individuals or communities, information that keeps patients informed and helps health systems advance effective care. By combining Seqster’s data resources with Takeda’s digital collaboration environment, medical professionals hope to increase access and insights that benefit both research and individual patient results.

Seqster’s research platform also expedites the onboarding of patient data in clinical trials, resulting in increased patient compliance and engagement. Users can create longitudinal health data profiles across U.S.-based healthcare systems, producing greater insight for both patients and their healthcare providers.

The partnership with Seqster is another in a series of strides Takeda is taking to hasten its continued modernization into a cloud-based, data-driven company. Recently, Takeda entered into a strategic agreement with AWS and Accenture with the intent of enhancing its data services and fostering in-house digital innovation.

In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, patient data is more valuable than ever before, and drug makers like Takeda are using digital advancements and collaboration to quickly and effectively advance coronavirus therapies. Fueled by the powerful alliance of AWS and Accenture, Takeda plans to migrate 80% of its applications to the cloud, creating a more scalable, reliable, and secure IT architecture, with the ultimate goal of cutting costs and improving patient experiences.

With its global R&D center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Takeda is one of the 20 largest pharmaceutical companies by revenue in the world, and one of many healthcare enterprises that is finding the benefits of cloud-based systems in the wake of COVID-19. Its collaboration with Seqster is one example of the power of cooperation toward the advancement of greater care for individual patients and their communities.