Tailored And Wearable Healthcare Tech Shines At CES 2020

Personalized healthcare technology works by considering each patient’s genetic and biological needs while offering solutions that make treatment, management, and prevention of illness simple. From wearables and DNA sequencing to cutting edge devices and apps, healthcare tech doesn’t just help patients but also informs physicians. According to Market Research Engine, the digital health monitoring market is expected to expand to $245.5 billion by 2024, due in part to the boom in advancements of wearable devices.

At CES 2020, wearable healthcare tech, in particular these devices, took center stage.

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Smartwatches aren’t just for counting steps anymore. The Glutrac, a non-invasive smartwatch that measures blood sugar levels in one’s body is the latest creation from Hong Kong-based company, Add Care. It works by collecting vital signals, like heart rate and then using an AI algorithm to calculate blood glucose. Together with sensors on the back of the watch, health data is recorded every 15 minutes with the option for on-demand readings using a finger sensor next to the watch face. However, the company is yet to submit the smartwatch for FDA approval, delaying Glutrac’s availability on the market.

Relief Heat

Those who experience back pain are familiar with the quick and satisfying relief heat pads can provide. Although those looking for a wireless option often end up disappointed. Which is what makes ReliefHeat, a battery-powered, smartphone-controlled device, so exciting. Not only can it be worn throughout the day, but it’s also extremely portable and can provide heat for well over an hour.


Withing’s ScanWatch is the world's first clinically validated hybrid smartwatch to provide AFib alerts through ECG, heart rate variability by way of PPG sensor, and SpO2 to detect sleep apnea. With a 25-day battery life, the watch is also water-resistant. It’s been called the “most refined wearable to come from the company,” and while it’s low price point (starting at $249) makes this watch even more enticing, Withing’s is still waiting on FDA clearance.


Award-winning bioelectronic medical device company, Tivic Health launched ClearUp, a sinus pain relief system named CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree. The small handheld device uses microcurrent waves and low-current electrical stimulation to treat patients with allergic rhinitis. The drug-free solution is available to buy over-the-counter and boasts no side effects.