Siemens Healthineers Teams With Accel Unite for PPE Master Reseller Agreement

Sustainable PPE provider Accel Unite has entered into a Master Reseller Agreement with medical device company Siemens Healthineers. Siemens has long been on a mission to proliferate precision medicine, revitalize care delivery, and upgrade the overall patient experience, and now it is moving to offer a crucial layer of protection to healthcare workers and their vulnerable patients: high-quality, reusable, and patent-pending PPE from Accel Unite.

In addition to providing these coveted isolation gowns for its customers, Siemens Healthineers plans to include a sample packet with every order to give healthcare institutions a taste of the fully-realized benefits available to them. Siemens Product Manager Adam Schraegle said, "During the pandemic, many of our customers turned to us, a leading supplier to the healthcare industry, to help solve their supply issues… Expanding our portfolio to meet customers' evolving needs has always been one of our primary focuses. We know PPE will always be a need and the deal with Accel Unite serves as an opportunity for Siemens Healthineers to be a solutions partner for our customers."

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Accel Unite took over a year in developing its spin on reusable gowns, improving affordability, providing better protection against cross-contamination, and taking pains to create an environmentally safe product. Its finalized gown, which is currently patent-pending in 153 countries, featured input from Healthcare Infection Control.