Sani-Tech West Sees Growth As High-Purity Markets Boom

Sani-Tech West has been supplying customers with high-purity products since 1992. The California-based company mission has remained unchanged for nearly 30 years – to provide customers with innovative products and process solutions. In order to achieve that goal, they have cultivated partnerships with big-names suppliers who have a solid reputations throughout the industry.

Their SaniSure division has been thriving since 2009, when it was developed to cater to the single-use high purity market. That market has been rapidly growing since then, but COVID-19 gave it an unprecedented push. The term “single-use” can have a negative connotation in layman’s terms, bringing to mind unnecessary wasteful amounts of plastic and an aversion to recycling, but in the world of medical devices, “single-use” translates to sanitation and disease control.

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Recently, Sani-Tech West was acquired by CTS Bioprocessing, a leading company in the single-use bioprocessing tech world. They will help Sani-Tech West keep up with the high demand for manufacturing flasks, tubes, aseptic transfer systems, caps, clamps, bottles, and myriad other high-purity products that will be developed and delivered to pharmaceutical and biotech industries. In the scramble to protect the population from COVID-19, curb the spread, find a vaccine, and supply testing sites, these industries are experiencing an unprecedented need for single-use, sanitary supplies.

According to Sani-Tech West’s founder and CEO, Richard Shor, “We are excited to work with 3i and the CTS team.  We have a shared vision for the future, which was critical to our decision to join the group.  Together, our expanded portfolio of innovative product offerings, extensive design & manufacturing capabilities, and our broadened geographic footprint will help us to become an even stronger partner to our customers.”

Sani-Tech West operates with about 170 employees, and its long-standing relationships with leading biopharma companies has helped its footprint reach throughout North America and Europe. With 3i-backed CTS on their side, they hope to extend their reach globally. The companies will continue to use existing brand and trade names to maintain consistency with their products and prevent confusion. The acquisition should enable the companies to grow their supply chain assurance for their customers with an impressive combined portfolio. The financial terms of the acquisition were not made public.