Samsung’s Galaxy Watch To Offer Blood Pressure And ECG Measurements

Multinational conglomerate company Samsung is well known for innovating technology in the consumer arena. Its popular smart watches have long been a fierce competitor to Apple and have offered a slew of features geared toward both convenience and health. Now, Samsung is even further improving its Galaxy watch and has announced an update that will allow both the Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Watch Active 2 to take blood pressure and electrocardiography readings any time and place.

These measurements can be accessed in the Samsung Health Monitor App after an initial calibration with a traditional cuff. It is recommended to calibrate the initial reading three times and then to re-calibrate once every four weeks. The Samsung Health Monitor App will be automatically installed once users update watches to the latest version available.  Samsung states that the update will be offered progressively starting February 4th.

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Blood pressure readings are possible through Samsung’s Heart Rate Monitor sensors that are capable of tracking pulse waves. Changes in blood pressure can then be compared with calibrated measurements to alert the wearer of any changes.

Cardiac abnormalities are another serious medical issue Samsung is working to tackle using its Heart Rate Monitoring sensors. This function works to analyze cardiac electrical activity and warn the wearer of irregular heartbeats. This service can be utilized with the Samsung Health Monitor App while seated.  The watch must be firmly fitted to the wrist and the forearm must be placed on a flat surface.  A fingertip must then apply light pressure on the top button of the watch for 30 seconds. The measurement will read as Sinus Rhythm (normal) or AFib (irregular).

Samsung announced that the Health Monitoring App will soon become available in 28 European countries as a result of a CE-marking in December of 2020. The app is also being introduced in Chile, Indonesia, and the United Arab Emirates which will increase the total number of new using countries to 31.

With this update users will be capable of taking blood pressure and ECG readings conveniently on their own time and these readings will help alert users about possible conditions like blood clots, heart failure, stroke, and other heart complications. This will be particularly crucial for individuals with chronic conditions, as they will be able to monitor these metrics easily and on an on-going basis, without having to wear or use an additional advice.

Samsung is the first device vendor that is offering blood pressure readings on its smartwatch, which is now taking the lead in new heart rate monitor sensor technologies that will help users make medical decisions about important cardiac activity. As wearables are increasingly able to accurately monitor new health indicators, consumers will be better equipped to manage their health.