Samsung Medison Acquires Sonio SAS to Enhance Prenatal Care with AI

Samsung Medison, a global medical equipment company and affiliate of Samsung Electronics, has announced its acquisition of Sonio SAS, a fetal ultrasound AI software company. Established in 2020, Sonio focuses on enhancing women and children’s health through IT solutions and AI assistant features for obstetrics and gynecology ultrasound exams. Sonio Detect, an FDA-cleared AI assistant, utilizes deep learning networks to enhance image quality in real-time, ensuring greater clinical accuracy and improving the quality of prenatal care.

With this acquisition, Sonio will maintain its independence and headquarters in France, continuing its commercial growth while ensuring compatibility with all ultrasound device makers. Samsung Medison aims to leverage Sonio’s AI expertise to enhance its ultrasound systems, promising breakthrough AI-enhanced workflows and innovations in patient outcomes and prenatal care quality. Samsung Medison CEO Yong Kwan Kim expressed confidence in the collaboration, highlighting the potential to revolutionize prenatal ultrasound examinations and improve the lives of individuals through technology. The transaction's completion is subject to regulatory approvals, including those from the French Ministry of the Economy and Finance.

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