Samsung Compatibility Deal Brings EchoNous Ultrasound Tech to Active Pro Tablets

Samsung is set to collaborate with EchoNous in offering the latter company’s ultrasound solutions on its Galaxy mobile tablets. Its portable, AI-guided point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) tool, known as Kosmos, will now be available to run on Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro tablets including models 12.0 and higher. Despite the Kosmos platform having already been set at a price point “tens of thousands of dollars less” than comparable cart-based models in the space according to the company, this new compatibility with Samsung will apparently do much to increase its affordability. Moreover, the speed, power, and extended battery life of Samsung's Active Pro series will bolster the platform’s performance.

“Even for the largest medical providers in the world, every dollar saved is one that can be spent saving another life, and this alliance with Samsung makes it possible for our platform to run on a more economical, off-the-shelf tablet,” said EchoNous’ Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Goodwin. “Doctors can now use a tablet that they may already be familiar with and it will still run our platform flawlessly because of its inherent power.”

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Specifically designed for medical use, the custom-made Kosmos Bridge display from EchoNous had up to this point been the only means for running Kosmos. That offering boasts system buttons sealed in silicone rubber as well as a conveniently minimal surface area. Though the multitude of application options opened up by Samsung compatibility will surely make it the go-to for healthcare providers, Kosmos Bridge will not be taken off the market any time soon.