Salesforce’s Will Integrate IBM’s Digital Health Pass

Salesforce and IBM will partner to develop a system that can ensure workers are healthy before returning to the workplace. Salesforce is a California-based software company that offers a suite of services such as customer relationship management, automated marketing, customer service, analytics, and app development.

Salesforce developed, a suite of HR, IT, operations, and other tools. One of the purposes of is to keep employees safe in the workplace. In December 2020, Salesforce announced that they will be integrating IBM’s new Digital Health Pass into their platform.

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The IBM Digital Health Pass is a new addition to the IBM Watson Works. This system will enable organizations to bring their employees back to the workplace safely by verifying their health credentials. This intelligent network is built on IBM blockchain technology, and allows each organization to set specific criteria and conditions under which a given employee can return to work.

The main priority of the IBM Digital Health Pass is to maintain the privacy of those on the network. Individuals who use it can maintain full control over their personal information. All information relevant for organizations can be shared in a secure and verifiable manner. This means that employees can provide their organizations with the health information they need while protecting their privacy.

The IBM Digital Health Pass is similar to a digital passport. However, instead of verifying one’s citizenship, the Digital Health Pass will verify an individual’s inability to spread COVID-19 when they return to in-person work. This verification can come in different forms, such as a vaccination record, a recent negative test, temperature checks, and other documentation. The health pass is completely digital, meaning it can be stored on a digital wallet such as the Apple Wallet, Google Pay, the Microsoft Wallet, and so on.

With preliminary vaccine distribution underway, it won’t be long before employees begin returning to the office. This collaboration between IBM and Salesforce will allow organizations to safely and efficiently facilitate the return of their employees to their physical offices and will create a convenient method for verifying employee health during and after the pandemic.