Salesforce Bolsters Health Data Platform with New Capabilities

Cloud-based software company Salesforce is continuing to lean into the healthcare space, this time with new additions to its digital platform, Customer 360 for Health, for automating healthcare processes. With approximately 80% of healthcare consumers reporting, according to an Accenture survey, that navigating their care journeys is an uphill battle that keeps them from fully comprehending important health information, Salesforce has stepped in to address this disconnect by beefing up the data cloud, AI, and automation capabilities of its Health platform.

Specifically, the latest update further bolsters its healthcare suite with innovations including a Patient Contact Center, Tableau Accelerators for Health Cloud, MuleSoft Direct for Health Cloud, and home health. The aforementioned data cloud provides healthcare and life sciences organizations with a means for collating and marrying data for electronic health records (EHRs) and a number of clinical and/or nonclinical sources including medical, demographic, social, and behavioral data into a live, reactive patient profile.

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Armed with these unified health insights, organizations can be more proactive in spotting potential risks, choosing therapeutic approaches, and perhaps most importantly, educating patients in a more effective manner with unique care communication as well as real-time engagement. Einstein AI -- Salesforce’s proprietary AI engine designed for for CRM systems -- serves as the foundational element of these insights, assisting in leveraging data from comparable groups for improved understanding of patient health.