Risant Health Emerges in Partnership with Geisinger to Revolutionize Healthcare

Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Geisinger Health have announced the launch of a new nonprofit organization called Risant Health, which aims to expand access to value-based care and coverage in diverse, multi-payer, multi-provider, community-based health system environments. Geisinger Health will be the first health system to join Risant Health and will become part of the new organization through acquisition, subject to state and federal regulatory review.

Risant Health, a nonprofit affiliate of Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, will be headquartered in the Washington, DC, metro area. Its vision is to improve the health of millions of people by increasing access to value-based care and coverage and raising the bar for value-based approaches that prioritize patient quality outcomes.

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In addition to Geisinger, Risant Health will grow its impact by acquiring and connecting a portfolio of like-minded, nonprofit, value-oriented community-based health systems anchored in their respective communities. Value-based care is a healthcare delivery model that rewards healthcare providers for providing high-quality care and achieving better patient outcomes while reducing overall costs. It is a departure from traditional fee-for-service healthcare, which pays healthcare providers based on the number of services they provide.

Geisinger Health, which serves more than one million people in Pennsylvania, has a long history of delivering high-quality, patient-centered care. It includes 10 hospital campuses, a health plan with more than half a million members, a research institute, and the Geisinger College of Health Sciences, which includes schools of medicine, nursing, and graduate education.

With more than 25,000 employees and 1,700+ employed physicians, Geisinger boosts its hometown economies in Pennsylvania by billions of dollars annually. The acquisition of Geisinger by Risant Health is a significant step forward in the effort to expand access to value-based care and coverage across the country. It is also an innovative move designed to improve the health of communities, achieve better healthcare outcomes, and improve healthcare affordability.

Risant Health's focus on value-based care and coverage is particularly timely given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has highlighted the need for healthcare systems to prioritize patient outcomes while reducing overall costs. By expanding access to value-based care and coverage, Risant Health aims to improve the health of communities across the country while also making healthcare more affordable and sustainable in the long term.

The launch of Risant Health with Geisinger is an exciting development in the healthcare industry and one that has the potential to improve the health of millions of people across the country. By prioritizing value-based care and coverage, Risant Health is setting a new standard for healthcare delivery and demonstrating its commitment to better health outcomes for all.