Revolutionizing Diabetes Management with Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring

In a significant breakthrough for diabetes management, Seattle-based Know Labs has unveiled its revolutionary non-invasive blood glucose monitoring device prototype. 

The portable device utilizes the company's proprietary Bio-RFID technology, which detects and measures blood molecular signatures through the skin. This innovation has the potential to simplify and improve the lives of millions of diabetics worldwide. 

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In the past, diabetics have relied on finger-prick glucometers from LifeScan and BD. However, Know Labs' Chief Product Officer, Steve Kent, acknowledges that these methods, while effective, are far from optimal. They often prove inconvenient, leading to missed readings and interruptions in daily life. Moreover, the dislike of needles is a common sentiment among individuals managing their blood glucose levels. 

Another alternative for diabetes monitoring is continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), wearable devices that provide real-time blood glucose level readings. Companies like Abbott, Dexcom, and Medtronic have gained popularity in this field.

However, CGMs have their limitations, including the need for frequent replacement every 10-14 days due to skin breaches and adhesive-related issues. Kent notes that while CGMs represent an improvement over finger sticks, they can be challenging to access and may not be as affordable as needed to have the broadest impact. 

One notable aspect of Know Labs' innovation is the engineering behind their pocket-sized device. Despite its small size, it boasts computational power exceeding that of a desktop PC. Additionally, the device offers an extended battery life and configuration options, providing flexibility and aiding further development. 

Looking ahead, Know Labs plans to conduct external testing of its device next year. This critical step will help the company refine the technology based on real-world feedback before submitting it to the FDA for approval and subsequent market release. 

It is important to note that while Know Labs' Bio-RFID technology has demonstrated promising results in lab environments, there are currently no commercially available, medical-grade non-invasive blood glucose monitors on the market. However, Know Labs is committed to becoming the first company to achieve FDA clearance for a non-invasive blood glucose monitor specifically designed for individuals with diabetes and pre-diabetes. 

Know Labs' CEO and Chair, Ron Erickson, emphasizes that their Gen 1 prototype represents a significant engineering milestone, not just for the company but also for the field of medical diagnostics. The Bio-RFID sensor utilized by Know Labs opens up an entirely new branch of science, bringing them closer to their ultimate goal of enhancing the lives of people living with diabetes. 

As the company progresses toward FDA clearance and subsequent market release, the future looks bright for the integration of non-invasive blood glucose monitoring into routine diabetes management.