ResMed Strengthens Sleep and Respiratory Care Portfolio with Acquisition of Somnoware

ResMed, a leading company in sleep and respiratory care, has recently made another strategic acquisition by purchasing Somnoware, a respiratory care diagnostics software developer. This move follows ResMed's previous acquisition of Medifox Dan, a provider of clinical and operational software for outpatient physicians, in November 2022. While the financial details of the Somnoware deal have not been disclosed, ResMed emphasized that the terms are not significant to its consolidated financial statements.

Somnoware's software offers streamlined solutions for physicians, sleep labs, and pulmonary function testing labs involved in sleep and respiratory care diagnosis and evaluation. The platform focuses on improving positive airway pressure (PAP) therapy by simplifying equipment ordering, scheduling, compliance tracking, and integrating patient data into electronic health records (EHR).

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Lucile Blaise, the president of ResMed's sleep and respiratory care division, expressed the company's commitment to expanding Somnoware's platform, which plays a vital role in identifying and treating obstructive sleep apnea and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

ResMed's North America General Manager, Bill Shoop, shared his enthusiasm for the acquisition, stating that Somnoware's offering has been well-received in the marketplace and complements ResMed's existing digital solutions, enhancing efficiency and patient care across the care pathway.

ResMed plans to retain all Somnoware employees and integrate the software solutions into its brand and solution ecosystem. Importantly, Somnoware will continue to offer its products as open and device-agnostic, allowing users to leverage various testing solutions and order treatment equipment and accessories from different sources. This approach emphasizes flexibility and convenience for customers while benefiting from the synergies created through the integration with ResMed's comprehensive sleep and respiratory care ecosystem.

Furthermore, Subath Kamalasan, co-founder and CEO of Somnoware, expressed her excitement about joining ResMed and contributing to improving patients' sleep and respiratory health. She emphasized Somnoware's commitment to innovation in addressing sleep disorders and chronic respiratory conditions, underscoring the shared vision with ResMed in advancing patient wellness.

The partnership aims to support physicians in managing chronic care more effectively, ultimately benefiting patients by providing comprehensive and integrated solutions. ResMed's recent acquisition of Somnoware demonstrates the company's dedication to expanding its portfolio of digital solutions in sleep and respiratory care. By integrating Somnoware's software into its ecosystem, ResMed aims to enhance efficiency, improve patient care, and provide a seamless experience for physicians, sleep labs, and home medical equipment providers.